Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2969

 The most unbearable thing for Zhong Tianyu was that some good people who ate the video of the scene made a video and posted it on the short video platform, putting him in a good mockery.

There are even those short video bloggers who specialize in publishing entertainment gossip, using all sorts of obscure pronouns to sarcastically troll Zhong Tianyu, saying that he could even buy fake fans until he flipped, and that sooner or later he would make a paste.

That one incident shot straight to the top of the hot list, and in the end, the Zhong family spent tens of millions of dollars looking for connections and begging for deletions everywhere before that incident was finally wiped out.

So, Zhong Tianyu would never allow such a thing to happen even once again!

Not daring to delay, the female assistant hurriedly began to ask around for local resources in Jinling, especially girl resources, through various connections on her way to the airport.

You know, people who can find hundreds of young girls in a short period of time are very rare even in Yanjing.

The head of the group in the mass actors couldn't hold so many resources in their hands

The reason is that usually the head of the group is only dealing with a hundred or so group acts, which are not just young girls, but all kinds of men, women and children.

To put it bluntly, even the mother of a nightclub cannot have hundreds of girls under her control.

Just when the female assistant thought she was at her wit's end and at her wit's end, one of her old classmates in Jinling pushed her a WeChat business card and then sent a voice saying, "Meng Meng, the person I pushed for you, hurry up and add her, her name is Xiao Weiwei, she is the general manager of Jinling Shangmei Etiquette Company."

"This woman is quite something, she has at least five or six hundred local Jinling etiquette girls in her hands, now more than half of the full-time etiquette girls in Jinling have signed up with her company, in addition there are many part-time etiquette girls also mainly receive work from her, your needs can probably be solved if you go to her, if she can't solve it, then I guess no one in Jinling can solve it After all, two or three hundred young and beautiful girls are really hard to find in a short period of time."

After hearing this voice, the female assistant was so excited that she was on the verge of tears, and hastily replied, "Oh my good sister, you've saved my life! When I get to Jinling, I will definitely take time to treat you to a big meal!"

The other party smiled and said, "Why are you so polite with me? I just asked around for you and happened to find this person. You've come all the way to Jinling, I'm the host, so I should do my best to host you, how can I let you treat me to dinner? If word gets out, our old colleagues & school will laugh at me for not knowing what to do."