Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2967

 "In addition to this, there are about 20 senior drag queens to play your private life 

They will follow you all the way from the airport to the hotel, and you will stop halfway to their car to denounce them, and then we will buy another hit for you to denounce the fanatical private fans;"

"According to the original plan, these private fans will also go to the door of your room at night and knock on the door, and will even trick you into opening the door in the name of a waiter before rushing in recklessly to take a photo with you;"

"According to Xu Dan Dan's arrangement, when the time comes, you will directly call the police, and after the police have been dispatched, the reporters secretly arranged will film the whole thing and post it directly on the internet that night, and we will then follow up to buy your fourth hot search of the day, which is the one where you were seriously harassed by the private rice and finally had to call the police for help;"

"Four hot searches a day will definitely make you the king of the topic for these two days!"

Zhong Tianyu said in a cold voice, "What's the point of you saying that now? I'm f*cking going today, not tomorrow! I want you to advance all these arrangements to today! Advance it to two hours later!"

The female assistant said helplessly, "Young master, the problem is that I can't contact Xu Dan Dan, and the materials for your support, such as banners, triangle flags, lighting signs and so on, will only arrive in Jinling this evening, so if we go there now, we won't be able to use them in time."

"Shit!" Zhong Tianyu said furiously : "I'm also the hottest male singer right now, if I go to Jinling without a fan to meet me, if word gets out, people will still laugh at me, right?"

After that, he said without any doubt, "Hurry up and arrange for me! Call that group leader directly and tell him that I'll double his fee and he must be at the airport in an hour with 300 people waiting for me! If you can't get any support materials within an hour, find some young women and ask them to bite their fingers and write blood letters on their white T-shirts to welcome me to Jinling... I'll pay an extra five thousand yuan for each person who is willing to write blood letters!"

The female assistant said helplessly, "Young master, the head of the group in Jinling was contacted by Xu Dan Dan, I don't have his contact information either!"

"Shit!" Zhong Tianyu slapped him across the face and cursed angrily, "If you don't have the contact information, then find a way, I don't care what you use, if you can't get this done, I'll make sure you're f*cking right!"

The female assistant was slapped in the face and was so aggrieved that she was on the verge of tears, choking, "Young master, why don't you wait for a few hours, let me go to Jinling first and arrange things there before you fly over ......"

Zhong Tianyu cursed, "When the f*ck do I have to wait? Now that Xu Dan Dan is missing, if I can't find that son of a b*tch, a lot of things will have to be done all over again, and there are only three days left before the concert, how the f*ck do I have time?"