Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2965

 Zhong Tianyu, who is known as the "Top Stream Young Male Singer", didn't even bother to eat lunch before he hurriedly took several assistants and bodyguards to the airport.

He has to hurry to fly to Jinling, can't delay for a moment.

But the hard part is, he is now in Jinling, basically no one available.

Because he arranged in advance to Jinling to play a few people, without exception, all can not be contacted.

So now he needs to go to Jinling in advance, but there is not even a local pickup in Jinling.

Although the Zhong family business is also quite large, but their business is almost all concentrated in northern China, Jinling also has no involvement, there is no branch or office here, so after arriving in Jinling, he will be with foreign tourists for the first time in Jinling, two eyes in the dark.

On the road, Zhong Tianyu's life assistant, a young girl in her twenties could not help but ask him, "Young master, we went so hastily this time, the previously arranged pick-up ceremony will not be used ah ......"

The entertainment industry nowadays, everything is about flow.

When a celebrity goes out, if they don't have fans to pick them up, they will definitely be seen as over-the-top hangers-on.

Therefore, many stars who are not that well-known in actuality and do not have that many fans, and want to create the illusion that they are extremely popular, have to buy a bunch of groupies in advance and have them arrive at the airport in advance to play the role of picking up the fans.

In addition to this, airport photos are also an important channel for celebrities to be in the limelight and to be in the hot seat.

Generally speaking, male and female celebrities will dress up in advance and arrange for skilled photographers to pose at the airport, and then have the photos retouched by top retouchers to make them look seamless.

Nowadays, the hot search thing is like a life-sustaining elixir for celebrities.

If you're a big star, then you have to be on the search every once in a while.

Those that don't make it all the time will die.

Those that only get on once a year, half a year, half dead.