Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2962

 After saying that, he immediately instructed the security chief at the side, "Drag these people out and find a place where no one is around to give them a good beating!

The security chief immediately said, " Yes, Mr. Chen!

After saying that, he immediately took out his intercom and instructed, "All the first team to the Presidential Suite!

When Xu Dan Dan saw that Chen Zekai was really serious, he immediately gave in and begged, "Mr. Chen, please don't be so mean to me, I am also serving my master. ".

Chen Zekai sneered: '"Now you want to beg for mercy? It's too late!"

At this moment, a dozen of security guards quickly ran over.

When Xu Dan Dan's group saw this scene, they were all scared and their legs went weak.

Xu DanDan hurriedly begged, "Mr. Chen, it's all our fault, can't we just get out of here? The concert will start in a few days, so I can't go around with all the injuries.

Ye Chen spoke at this time: "Old Chen, I have an idea, you collect all the communication devices of several of them, and then send them some hiking The equipment, with a helicopter thrown into the deep forest behind Phoenix Mountain, that is not always donkeys sneak in to explore, and then trapped out to help rescue teams? Directly throw them into the deepest valley, let them walk out on their own.

Chen Zekai said with a smile: "Mr. Ye, to there, trained people, no two or three days can not climb out ah.

"Never mind." Ye Chen laughed: '"Just let them evaporate for a while, by the way, taste the suffering of the earth."

Chen Zekai understood Ye Chen's intention, he should just want these guys to miss the concert perfectly.

Then, he ordered the security chief, "Tie up all these guys, take away all the communication devices on them, and escort them to the helicopter."

When Xu Dan Dan heard this, he fell to his knees in fear, and when several other people saw this, they also followed suit.

Xu Dan Dan kneeled in front of the most, crying and said: "General Chen, you are generous, do not play us to death ah our body, into the deep forest is impossible to come out ah

Ye Chen said: "It does not matter if you can not get out, give you enough food and water, you can not live in the mountains for a few days, to experience the beauty of nature."

Saying that, Ye Chen asked Richard Chen: "Does Buckingham Palace have the relevant qualifications and permits to operate a tourism business?

Of course. Richard Chen hurriedly said: "Buckingham Palace has all the qualifications for tourism.

Ye Chen laughed: "That's really great, now immediately launch a 'wilderness survival of the deep mountain adventure tour' experience, the characteristics of the activity is to experience the wilderness survival, the organizer is the Buckingham Palace, and then these guests who came from afar, is the first batch of lucky customers of this wilderness survival experience activities, they get a free experience opportunity.

Richard Chen immediately smiled knowingly, "Then I have to ask my lawyer to hurry up and come up with a travel contract, and then have them all sign it."

"Right! Ye Chen laughed: "Make sure to state that they are participating voluntarily, taking all the consequences on their own for any accidents, and then have them sign and pledge, and then put their handprints on.

"I get it!" Chen Zekai nodded excitedly, saw Xu Dan Dan several people wailing in fear, and immediately instructed the security chief: "Lawyers need time to draw up the contract, you do not stand here, hurry up and take people to the top floor to give me a violent beating, after beating at the helicopter. Wait, after the lawyer brings the contract up, they sign it and send me away immediately!