Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2958

 She came to the living room and was about to call out to her father, but suddenly saw Ye Chen sitting on the sofa in the living room at that moment, and suddenly blurted out in surprise: "Ye Chenjun! What are you doing here?"

When Ye Chen saw Nanako Ito walk in, he smiled and said, "I came to see Mr. Ito, and by the way, I asked Mr. Ito to do me a favour."

Ito Nana-chan was busy asking, "So how is Ye Chen-kun's matter resolved? Do you need my help?"

Ye Chen smiled, "It has been settled, and I am catching up with Mr. Ito."

Ito Yohiko hurriedly waved at his daughter and said excitedly, "Nana-chan, Mr. Ye just told me that in the future he might have a chance to restore my legs to their original state!"

"Really?!" Ito Nana-chan's eyes widened as she looked at Ye Chen with shock and excitement and asked, "Ye Chen-kun, do you really have a way to restore Father to his original state?"

Ye Chen smiled and spoke, "There must be a chance, it's just that the time is not ripe at the moment."

Hearing this, Ito Nana-chan said happily, "That's wonderful! Since Ye Chenjun said there is a chance, then there must be a chance!"

Ito Yohiko was in a good mood, so she hurriedly said to Ye Chen, "Mr Ye, let's have lunch together later, I'll be the host and we'll have a good drink!"

Feeling that he had no other plans for lunch, Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Since that's the case,Then I'll respectfully accept."

Nanae Ito was even happier and said hurriedly, "Then I'll call the catering department and book a private room."

As she spoke, there was a sharp rap at the door.

Ito's aunt, Emi Ito, frowned and said, "Why are you tapping on the door when there is a doorbell? How rude."

With that, she stood up and bowed slightly, "Oni-chan, Mr. Ye, you guys sit down first, I'll go check it out."

Ito Emi walked to the door, and a clamour soon came from the entrance, and Ye Chen heard someone shouting very ungraciously, "Our young master is willing to pay double the price to compensate you, don't be insensitive!"

Emi Ito said in a loud voice, "You are really unreasonable! If you don't leave, I will call the police to deal with you!"

The other party immediately shouted, "Don't be insensitive, our young master is extremely well-known in China, so if you really call the police, you will be left in the lurch instead!"

Hearing this, Ito Nanaeko couldn't help but stand up and walk over.

Seeing her go, Ye Chen hurriedly followed her as well.

At this moment, Ito Emi was standing on the inside of the gate, outside the gate stood four or five young people, these four or five people were fashionably dressed, both male and female, and the one who was talking was a young male in his twenties, this person had medium-length hair, the back of his head was left with a shoulder-length duck tail, and his body was hung with various, The kind of trendy accessories looked rather flashy.

Ye Chen dared to walk to the door before Nanaiko Ito did and opened his mouth to ask the young men, "What do you want?"

When the young man heard Ye Chen speak fluent Mandarin, he grunted and said disdainfully, "You must be this Japanese b*tch's translator, right? It's too much effort to communicate with this Japanese b*tch."

After saying that, he pointed at Ye Chen and spoke, "Our young master is coming to Jinling for a few days and wants to rent this presidential suite, if you have the sense to do so, we can compensate you at double the door price, I have read that this suite is 158,000 yuan a day, you can make nearly 600,000 yuan by giving us the house for four days, why not do so?"

Ye Chen sneered, "I don't care where you came from, get the hell out of here before I get mad!"

"Shit!" The other party was furious and cursed, "Damn it, why is a translator pretending here? I'm telling you, our young master will be arriving in Jinling soon, if you don't vacate the room and delay our young master's stay, don't blame us for being rude!"

Ye Chen frowned and asked, "Who is your young master?"

The other party said with an arrogant face, "Our young master is the young master of the Zhong Group and is now the most famous new generation of top male singers in the country! The reason why our young master came to a small place like Jinling this time is that he was invited as a special guest to attend Miss Gu Qiuyi's first concert tour this year!