Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2956

  As Ito Yohiko's most loyal and trusted subordinate, Tanaka Koichi was still Ito Yohiko's beloved even though his legs had been amputated, and Ito Yohiko was grateful to him for saving his life.

When Tanaka Koichi saw Ye Chen taking the initiative to greet him, he was immediately flattered and said, "Hello, Mr. Ye! It's been a long time, I didn't expect you to remember me"

Ye Chen laughed: "My memory is not that bad, how could I not remember you.

After saying that, he asked Ito Yohiko, "I wonder how you two have been feeling these few days in China?

"Very well! Ito Yohiko said seriously: "Tanaka and I, in Chinese parlance, are considered physically handicapped, these days we both participate in various sports everywhere, playing golf, bowling, and swimming in swimming pools when we have nothing to do, the doctor said that in our case we just have to exercise more, not only to improve our physical fitness, but more importantly, to speed up the break-in with the prosthesis.

Koichi Tanaka also nodded repeatedly and said, "The doctor said that if the physical fitness is good enough and the break-in with the prosthesis is also good, walking with the prosthesis will soon be possible."

Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "The mindset of the two of you is indeed admirable."

'Nowhere nowhere." Ito Yohiko laughed modestly :" If it wasn't for Mr. Ye's miracle medicine, we wouldn't have recovered to the point we are today, and I'm afraid we would have been covered in tubes and waiting for death in the intensive care unit of the hospital by now.

Speaking of this, he could not help but sigh, "I have survived to this day thanks to Mr. Ye and Tanaka.

Then, he looked at Koichi Tanaka and said seriously, "Tanaka, if you hadn't pushed me off the bridge that day, I'm afraid I would have been killed! Thanks to you, I was able to save my life!

Koichi Tanaka said with red eyes, "Sir! It is my duty to serve you, but I have already committed a great breach of duty by failing to protect you that day, so I cannot afford to be told that.

He choked back a sob and said, "You didn't dislike me when I became a cripple, but you even spent a lot of money to treat me and help me recover, I will never forget this kindness!

Ito Yohiko sighed lightly and said: ''You and I have broken through the ghost gate together, naturally I can't leave you behind at such a time.

At this point, he looked at Ye Chen and said with emotion, "Mr. Ye, Tanaka has been in a depressed mood since his amputation, and his fiancée has abandoned him.

I would not dare to disobey your words, but that change has changed my life a bit.

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Tanaka, you have a long life ahead of you, so calm down, recover well and wait for a miracle to happen."

Tanaka Koichi knew in his heart that he would not be able to encounter any miracle, and his greatest hope was that in the future, when medicine was advanced, there would be greater breakthroughs in the development of prosthetic limbs, so that he could at least make up for the inconvenience in his life.

As for the lack of two legs, it would be impossible to make up for it in this life.

However, at this time, Ye Chen looked at Ito Yohiko and said with a profound smile: "Mr. Ito, you should also cheer up, a miracle will come eventually.

Ito Yohiko's heart thumped, the whole person like a touch of lightning looked at Ye Chen, asked offhandedly: "Mr. Ye, could it be that you; you have a solution? !

Ye Chen smiled: ''At the moment it is still unclear, but there will definitely be a chance in the future!

In the records of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, there was an elixir that could regenerate a severed limb, only the level of this elixir was much higher than the Spring Return Pill, and even quite a bit higher than the Peiyuan Pill that he was going to refine next.

Previously, Ye Chen felt that he basically had no chance of refining this kind of high-grade elixir because he was afraid that he could not manage either the herbs needed for the elixir or the spiritual qi needed to refine the elixir.

The higher the rank of the elixir, the greater the consumption of spiritual qi.

He had not been able to make up for the fact that he had consumed a lot of spiritual energy before, but ever since he had obtained the 10,000-year Ambergris Incense Fossil Stone by chance last time, it had given Ye Chen great confidence.

As long as he used the fossilised ambergris stone to refine the Peiyuan Pill, his own spiritual energy would be able to be replenished abundantly and even boosted, in that case, not only would he be able to progress in strength by a large margin, but he would also be able to go and try higher grade pills.

Perhaps, he would be able to refine the Pill for the rebirth of the severed limb.

If that were the case, not only could Ito Yohiko and Tanaka Koichi be cured, but Su Ruoli's mother, He Yingxiu, could also be cured.