Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2948

 The venue's hardware docking acceptance, including lighting and sound and choreography configuration, as well as on-site display materials and whatnot, the day after tomorrow noon rehearsals, so I fly to Jinling early the morning after.

Ye Chen said: "I thought you would also come tomorrow.

Gu Qiuyi is very sorry to say: "Sorry ah brother Ye Chen, I can not pass tomorrow, there is a very hot talent show in Yanjing tomorrow to record the final, long invited me to do the final special guests and judges, so I have to go to the recording tomorrow, I have to trouble brother Ye Chen wait for me one more day.

Ye Chen is very understanding said: "It does not matter, work is important, but also take care of your body, do not work too hard.

Gu Qiu Yi then said: " Do not worry brother Ye Chen, tell you a little secret, I have decided, when the tour is finished, will quit the entertainment industry indefinitely.

Ye Chen asked in confusion: "not doing well? Why do you want to quit?"

The reason is because it's not interesting anymore. The reason I entered the entertainment industry was to have the opportunity to find you, and now that I have found you, there is no reason to stay in the business. If I didn't think there were still many fans looking forward to this year's tour, I would have wanted to call it quits, so this time I plan to make the tour good... ...

It was good to do it before officially quitting, and to give an explanation to the fans.

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said softly, "No matter what you want to do, I support your decision."

Gu Qiuyi said happily:" I knew brother Ye Chen loved me the most!

Saying that, she hurriedly reminded again, "Brother Ye Chen, the matter of me quitting the entertainment industry, you should not disclose it to the public yet, I was planning to announce it live during the concert in Jinling, okay?

"Of course." Ye Chen seriously said: "Don't worry, I will keep my mouth shut.

Gu Qiuyi then put down her heart, said with a smile: "This time the concert, I have put a lot of a lot of thought into it, when the time comes Ye Chen brother you must not forget the appointment!

Ye Chen said with certainty:" Don't worry, even if the sky falls, I won't break the appointment.

Gu Qiuyi was in a great mood and said in a delicate voice:" Hee hee, that's good! I hope that you will also be this unwavering in your attitude towards our engagement!

Ye Chen instantly sweatdropped and hurriedly changed the subject to ask: ''By the way, how are Uncle Gu and Auntie Lin doing lately?

Gu Qiuyi laughed: ''They are really too good to be true, this time they even said they would come to Jinling to see my concert, and by the way they came to see you too!