Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2946

 After hanging up the phone, Su Chengfeng whole person although relieved, but the expression is still very ugly.

The Maldives island, just he used to politely polite, did not expect Su Zhiyu accepted it, and can not wait to do the transfer, which makes his heart extra meat pain.

This is his own retirement place, its significance, no less than the ancient old man to their own prepared in advance of the heavy coffin.

The ancients said that the coffin book, that is, before you die, you have to buy yourself a set of expensive and heavy coffin in advance, many elderly people see the coffin more important than life, because after death to sleep in the coffin, as a last resort, which is willing to give up.

Although modern people are not so important to the afterlife, but the old age or extra care, who want to be able to take care of their old age, so there are so many people desperate to go to the south to buy property, to prepare for the future of retirement.

Su Chengfeng is also the same, painstakingly developed an island, in order to enjoy the most luxurious retirement life there in the future.

But now he has not yet retired, the island has been handed over to Su Zhiyu.

Although ......

The heartache, but once he thought that Su Zhiyu might be able to help to make peace, so that he did not have to be afraid to escape, his mood was slightly relieved.

On the other hand, Su Zhiyu did not feel excited about getting the island either.

For her, she just wanted to make Su Chengfeng's flesh hurt, and as for the island after it was transferred to her, she didn't bother to go over and enjoy it.

And she knew very well that her mother was even less likely to go.

Mom herself is not a fan of these luxurious enjoyment, so right now her biggest wish is not to go to some vacation mecca to rest and relax, but to renovate the old mansion where Ye Changye lived as soon as possible, and then live in that small set of courtyard to see things.

So she said to Ye Chen: "Mr. Ye, that island in the Maldives, which my grandfather took a lot of trouble to build, is really a very good environment, but my mother and I are not very interested in it, so I'll give it to you with a flower."

Ye Chen waved his hand and laughed: "You are not interested, I am not interested, for me, where to live, in fact, there is no essential difference.

Su Zhiyu said against his will: "You have time ......