Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2945

 The new company can be set up by the government, but you must leave a backhand. Write down in the contract that you reserve the right to withdraw all the assets and resources after you have bought them into the company, so that once the restrictions imposed on us by the government are lifted, we can still pull out all these assets and restart the Su family's own ocean shipping group.

Ye Chen was listening, but in his heart, he could not help but think that this old man was really calculating, even at this time, he did not forget to keep a backhand.

In his heart, Su Zhiyu felt that since he had decided to work with Ye Chen, he naturally could not play this kind of mind games with him.

To make such a small move would be like having the dowry notarized before you marry into your husband's family.

This way, once the marriage breaks up, or if one does not want to live with one's husband anymore, one will draw away with all the dowry.

Although legally there is no problem, with such a premise in place, it is unlikely that the relationship between the two families will remain strong, and such an act will naturally become a gap between them.

So, she said to Su Chengfeng: "This matter, I still intend to take out 100% sincerity to cooperate with each other, only then, we can collaborate perfectly without reservation, together with the industry bigger and bigger, if we come up to each other to leave a variety of heart, this cooperation will certainly not last.

Su Chengfeng said seriously: "Zhi fish ah, our Su family is not without joint ventures with others, but the premise of joint ventures are our absolute control, this is actually very important, we a ......

Definitely have to hold the initiative in hand to be able to, now Ito Yohiko want to hold, then we have to leave ourselves a way back, otherwise in case everything is led by the nose by others, then it is too passive!"

Su Zhiyu heard here, said in a somewhat serious tone: "This point I do not see it the same way as you, if I want to leave a full withdrawal of the back hand now, the Ito family will certainly make the same request, if the other side has not been doing okay, but if the other side before we can solve the problem, first sweep us off our feet, then what do we do? Not everyone has to do things according to our way of thinking.

Speaking of which, Su Zhiyu added:In addition, since you have given me the Ocean Shipping Group as compensation, I also hope you can keep your promise and respect my operational decisions.

Then, Su Zhiyu turned his words and said: "Of course, I will also keep my promise to you, after talking to Mr. Ito in a while, I will immediately communicate with my benefactor and try to persuade him.

Su Chengfeng could only say resentfully: "Okay! In that case, I will never interfere with your operational decisions again in the future!

Before hanging up the phone, Su Zhiyu reminded: "By the way, the Maldives is simple to do, why don't I go there tomorrow, it should only take seven hours to fly over, if you are more efficient, you can finish the transfer in a day.

Su Chengfeng on the other end of the phone rubbed his chest and said with dismay: "Okay, I'll have Anshun fly to the Maldives tomorrow.