Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2944

 Although Su Zhiyu was very angry in his heart, but remembering Ye Chen's words, his tone eased a little and he said: "I am now at Buckingham Palace to talk to Ito Yohiko of the Ito family, I really don't know the situation on my grandfather's side, but after I finish talking to Mr. Ito, I will try to talk to my grandfather.

After that, Su Zhiyu warned seriously: 'Grandpa, there is something I must say to you clearly, my grandfather saved me twice, my mother and my brother, he is as kind to me, in my heart, he is more important than you!

Although Su Chengfeng was very upset in his heart, he did not dare to say anything more at this time.

He knew that Su Zhiyu was sincere in what she said, and that she was not the doting grandfather in Su Zhiyu's mind, but half an enemy, so he was not surprised that Su Zhiyu said such things.

However, he was surprised that Su Zhiyang had such a clear-cut attitude, it seems that the style of his granddaughter has become more and more simple and violent.

Although upset, Su Chengfeng was relieved to hear Su Zhiyu say she was willing to try to intercede for herself.

Then, he achieved his goal, so he did not continue to dwell too much on this issue, and directly changed the subject: "By the way, Zhiyu, how did you talk with Ito Yohiko? This guy has always wanted to cooperate with us, to break out of Asia and go global together, but since the incident in Tokyo, he doesn't seem to think much of us anymore.

Yes." Su Zhiyu said: "Mr. Ito's attitude has really changed, but his mentality is understandable, so far we have a good conversation, after all, now is not the same as before, I also lowered the posture, I intend to take the entire ocean shipping group and the Ito family to set up a new company, then the Ito family shares 51%, I hold 49%, so that the Fixed assets transition to the new company's name, and then the Su family's ocean shipping group written off, should be able to avoid the previous restrictions and risks.

When Su Chengfeng heard this, although he was surprised, he did not feel very resistant.

He did not expect that Su Zhiyu could really get back on line with Ito Yohiko, although this cooperation sounds a bit unpleasant to lose the controlling interest, but after all, it is now a special situation, there must be a moderate sacrifice if you ask for it.

In the long run, the assets as well as the business can be reborn in a shell, even if it is a sacrifice of some of the benefits, but also to be able to revitalize the whole business, not to lose more and more.

Thinking of this, he then reminded Su Zhiyu said: "Zhiyu, with the Ito family joint ......