Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2943

 Hearing this, Su Zhiyu couldn't help but look up at Ye Chen.

She found that Ye Chen had gauged the wily grandfather to a tee, and he said that grandfather would definitely come to beg for his help, not realising that grandfather had really done what he had expected.

However, she did not know exactly why grandpa had angered Ye Chen, nor did she know that grandpa had sent a compulsion expert to Jinling to try to assassinate Ye Chen.

So, instead of agreeing to do so immediately, she opened her mouth and asked, "Grandpa, you said you had some misunderstanding with your benefactor, can you tell me exactly what the misunderstanding is first? Even if I promise you, I still have to find an entry point to communicate with my benefactor after I understand it clearly.

Su Chengfeng hesitated for a moment, sighed a few times and said: "It's not really a misunderstanding, it's mainly because I was confused for a moment, I hired a master of metaphysics from England and sent him to Jinling to find the whereabouts of your benefactor.

I just wanted to find this person and talk to him face to face, but the metaphysical expert I hired might have been a little too aggressive and killed innocent people in Jinling ......

The man who also tried to kill the benefactor, but it was all the guy's own idea, but your benefactor did not know ah, thought I sent to kill him, so some angry with me

Su Zhiyu was dumbfounded.

She did not expect that grandfather would dare to make such a small move!

And this time, the small action is no longer directed at herself, but at the benefactor!

This immediately made her furious, and she questioned out of the blue: " Why did you send someone to assassinate Eunuch? !"

Su Chengfeng noticed that Su Zhiyu's address to herself immediately changed from "you" to "you" and realized that she must be very angry, so he hurriedly explained: "It was not my intention, it was all because that guy didn't know what was good for him and had to to be a hero

Su Zhiyu asked rhetorically: "Do you think I will believe it? You can even kill my mother, not to mention the benefactor?

Su Chengfeng knew that his sophistry was pointless, so he could only say helplessly: "Zhiyu, there is no point in talking about this now, grandpa can guarantee that he will never make the same mistake again, and I hope you will talk to that benefactor.