Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2939

 Only then did Su Zhiyu understand that it turned out that Ye Chen had just called his grandfather with a threat, actually to make him scare of himself.

It had to be said that this action of Ye Chen's had touched her heart beyond measure.

She was originally worried that she wouldn't be able to hold such a large ocean shipping group, and that after the wind had passed, grandpa would try the same trick again and find a way to snatch back this big piece of cake.

However, with Ye Chen's call just now, she believed that for quite a long time to come, she no longer had to worry about any danger.

So, she stood up, bowed slightly towards Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Your Grace ...... Oh no, Mr. Ye ...... is really thankful to you... ..."

Ye Chen gently waved his hand and said indifferently, "I am also helping myself by helping you, and the Ocean Shipping Group in your hands has very high assets, while my side is almost equal to an empty shell, although I will inject $10 billion as promised, but the relative ......

Compared to that, I have more or less taken advantage of you."

Su Zhiyu hurriedly said, "It's not like that ...... this ocean shipping group, I can hardly revitalize it myself, at most, I can sell it at a low price, if I cooperate with you, Mr. Ye, this asset can not only be revitalized, but also has more space and possibilities for development, so we are considered mutually beneficial. "

Ye Chen smiled slightly: "You are right, to do business in partnership is to benefit each other."

Your grandfather has always wanted to get in touch with the Ito family, so let him think that you have already done so, this way, it will also make him recognize your ability. "

Su Zhiyu nodded and said gratefully, "Zhiyu understands, I will listen to your arrangements for everything!"

Ye Chen looked at the time, smiling, "I reckon it won't be long before your grandfather calls you, so you'll have to think of all the words to say later."



Su Han Su family villa.

Su Chengfeng was by now frightened and pale.

Originally, what he had planned was for Xuan Fengnian and Mai Chengxing to find the mysterious man and then take him out while he was unprepared.

But even in his wildest dreams, he had never expected that these two people would now be cold, not to mention that they had betrayed themselves as the mastermind behind the scene.

How could he not be scared when the other side called and said they wanted to change the rules of the game?

Especially when the other party also accurately said that he was in Suhang.

It was very close to Suhang from Jinling, and it was possible that the other party would wipe his neck at night while he was sleeping.

Su Anshun, who was at the side, asked worriedly, "Master, what are your next plans?