Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2938

 Chen Zekai immediately figured out the meaning of Ye Chen's words and said with a sudden realization, "Young master, I understand what you mean, Su Chengfeng, the position of family head, there must be many people eyeing it, now in this situation, Su Chengfeng definitely does not dare to leave Huaxia."

"Right." Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, "Su Chengfeng seems to have five sons, the oldest and the second are in my hands, there are still three left, these three, each must be looking forward to inherit the throne."

Said, Ye Chen said: "Originally, these three people may not have had such thoughts, but with the disappearance of the oldest and the second, must have made each of their hearts, there is an illusion that they also have the opportunity to inherit the throne, and this is not counting Su Chengfeng's grandchildren, those younger generation must also be looking forward to be able to take charge of the Su family. "

"Therefore, Su Chengfeng as a last resort, will never leave China, because once he left, it is likely that this life can not come back."

In ancient times, many members of the royal family were permanently exiled, and the reason for this is that the person in power does not want this person to come back to threaten his rule.

Even in modern times, foreign countries have also been some of the events of the usurpation of the dynasty, usually the president's first foot out of the country to visit, the domestic foot launched a coup d'├ętat, while strictly guarded, never let the former president back home.

Thus, the former president could only go into exile.

So, the day Su Chengfeng left China, it was bound to be the beginning of his deposition!

Su Zhiyu had not spoken, and looked at Ye Chen from the side for a long time, before he opened his mouth and asked, "Your Grace, are you making this call to my grandfather to force him to come and beg for my help?"

"That's right." Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, "Your grandfather must be particularly insecure now, he does not have powerful experts around to protect him, whether in Suhang or in Yanjing, or in other cities in the country, it is difficult to guarantee his safety, and he has been holding the Su family power is unwilling to let go, so more afraid to leave the country, the only option is to say peace. "

After a pause, Ye Chen shook his hand has been turned off the phone, laughing: "But I have just put the harsh words out, and this phone has been turned off, he wants to talk and, also simply can not find any of my contact information, the only way is to find you."

Said, Ye Chen said: "If he really look for you to make peace, then you will be quick to agree with him, but you must not say the words too dead, you just tell him that you will try, but you are not sure that you can persuade me."

Su Zhiyu hesitated for a moment and asked him, "Your Excellency, you are worried about our cooperation in ocean shipping ......

After losing, he will step in to obstruct?"

"That's right." Ye Chen said seriously: "Su family's ocean shipping business, under normal circumstances the market value of at least three to four hundred billion yuan, even if now facing difficulties, but the actual total amount of fixed assets is at least two hundred billion, your grandfather put such a large piece of cake into your hands, he only wants you to take care of it for him, rather than directly pick up the knife and fork to eat. "

"Once you take the whole ocean shipping group to cooperate with me, this in his eyes, it is the same as the pup selling the master's field, absolutely touched his scales, he will then do his best to block, even at the expense of turning against you again."

Speaking here, Ye Chen turned his words and said with a smile, "But you can rest assured that after you promised him that you would intercede for him, you don't have to worry about him turning his back."

"Because I don't have time to bother with him for a while, calling him and threatening him that I'm going to find him is just a bluff."

"So he's still safe for a short time, at least I won't touch him."

"And he will definitely attribute this safety, all to you, and feel that it is entirely with your help."

"At that time, he sees you as his talisman, and how dare he obstruct you from taking out the Su family's ocean shipping group and engaging in restructuring with me