Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2937

 Su Chengfeng originally thought that the Mai Chengxing may be insight into the danger in advance, so escape, but he never dreamed that the caller is the mysterious person that he has been looking for a long time!

It's one thing to try to find the other side and kill them, but it's another thing to suddenly be known by the other side, to be called by the other side.

At this moment, Su Chengfeng incomparably nervous question: "You ...... in the end have what intention?"

Ye Chen laughed: "What are my intentions? I have saved your own grandson and your own granddaughter, and also saved your daughter-in-law, definitely can be considered your Su family's benefactor, what bad intention can I have? It's just that I've heard a lot about Master Su, and I want to find an opportunity to have a drink with him and talk about it."

"You ......" Su Chengfeng's heart was panicking and he couldn't help but ask: "I've never met you, I have no enemies, what do you want before you will stop?"

Ye Chen laughed: "Elder Su, it is impossible to stop, I call here, not to talk peace with you, but to tell you that before today, it is you who has been taking the initiative to oppose me, deliberately ......

Trying to get me out."

"But after today, the rules of the game have changed!"

"Now, it's my turn to find you!"

"I hope you hide well in Suhang and don't get found by me too easily, because then, the game would be meaningless."

After saying that, Ye Chen directly hung up the phone, and then he turned off Mai Chengxing's phone again.

Ye Chen had just turned off the phone when Su Zhiyu, who was on the side, was already shocked and unable to speak.

And Chen Zekai couldn't help but ask: "Young master, are you planning to take the initiative and go to Su Chengfeng to settle the score?"

"How could ......" Ye Chen laughed and said playfully, "If I go to settle accounts with Su Chengfeng now, won't it be a waste of time for his remaining sons and daughters and the Ye family?"

Said, Ye Chen added: "If I kill Su Chengfeng now, then I will not only not get any substantial benefits, but instead become the Su family those who are dreaming of waiting for the division of the family Su family, the Ye family can then also sit and reap the benefits, biased I have to everything to, I will not be stupid to do such a thing."

Chen Zekai some puzzled ......

Asked, "Then why did you just say so to Su Chengfeng?"

Ye Chen said with a smile, "Just scare him, this old dog day and night behind the manipulation of the puppet, the puppet out of order, he thought to cut the thread can shield the risk, this good thing from now on no longer exists."

Said, Ye Chen playfully smiled: "Do you believe it or not, the probability that this old guy is now scared dumb."

"I believe it!" Chen Zekai laughed: "Xuan Fengnian and Mai Chengxing have all disappeared, and you said you would take the initiative, he must be scared to death!"

Ye Chen laughed: "I called him because I wanted to knock him around and give him some pressure."

Chen Zekai nodded and laughed: "I guess he will flee Suhang with his tail between his legs today."

Ye Chen said blandly: "I think his biggest problem now, should not know where to escape, stay in the country, no matter where it is easy to be found, to go abroad to avoid the wind although safer, but he absolutely dare not go."

Richard Chen asked incomprehensibly, "Why?"

Ye Chen asked him rhetorically: "If you are the emperor in ancient times, you dare to leave your country