Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2935

 The moment I heard that the phone was turned off, Su Chengfeng almost collapsed to the ground in fear.

Xuan Fengnian kill innocent people everywhere, he disappeared just, who would have thought that Mc Chengxing, a 100-year-old man who never kills people, also disappeared.

He could not help but tremble: "Could ...... could that guy. Even a hundred-year-old man does not spare?!"

Su Anshun wiped a handful of cold sweat and blurted out, "Master, Xuan Fengnian's car was struck by lightning into that ghostly state, he himself certainly could not be spared, as for this Mai Chengxing, I think there are only two possibilities for him, either he died or he ran away."

"Ran away?" Su Chengfeng frowned and stared for a moment. Nodded and said, "This old guy can pinch, maybe he calculated that he would encounter danger, so it is possible to run away in advance ......"

Said, he sighed deeply, said: "Whether this old guy is dead or alive, according to my view is no longer possible for me to use. Xuan Fengnian is probably also finished, I have no cards available in my hand ......"

Su Anshun hurriedly asked, "Master, then what do we do next?"

Su Chengfeng shook his head and muttered, "I don't know ......"


Meanwhile, Su Zhiyu arrived at Buckingham Palace on the pretext of paying a visit to Ito Yohiko.

Ito Yohiko's sister, Ito Emi, personally came to the hotel lobby to greet her, and then brought her to Ito Yohiko's room.

Only, at this time, Ito Yohiko, was enjoying a massage at the SPA center, and the one waiting to meet Su Zhiyu in his room was no other than Ye Chen.

Ito Emi pressed the doorbell outside the door. Only then did she push the door in and respectfully said to Ye Chen, "Mr. Ye, Miss Su is here."

Ye Chen nodded: "Thank you Ms. Ito."

Emi Ito said hurriedly, "You are very kind, Mr. Ye! If there is nothing, I will leave first, you and Miss Su can talk."

After saying that, she flashed back and withdrew, sending Su Zhiyu ......

Come in.

Su Zhiyu's heartbeat had been accelerating from the moment she followed Ito Emi into the guest room department.

Now, seeing Ye Chen sitting on the sofa, her heart rate had accelerated to the extreme.

She bowed to Ye Chen nervously and excitedly, and shouted under her breath, "En Gong ......"

Ye Chen smiled faintly, after inviting her to sit down on the sofa, he opened his mouth and asked her, "How do you feel these two days?"

Su Zhiyu said busily, "Pretty good, thank you for your concern ......"

Ye Chen nodded and asked her, "I heard that you got it from your grandfather. Have you brought Ocean Shipping Group over?"

"Yes." Su Zhiyu said, "You asked me to become the head of the Su family within three years, I don't know if I can do it, but finally, I have to take the first step first."

Ye Chen said approvingly, "You've made a good move. For you, it's already considered maximizing the benefits."

Su Zhiyu said with difficulty hiding her shyness, "Thank you for the praise of your benefactor ......