Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2933

 Thinking of this, he picked up the phone and said with a smile, "I'll call Xuan Fengnian now, if he can get He Hongsheng's cultivation method, then I'll add another fifty million to him."

        After saying that, he immediately called Xuan Fengnian.

        However, the prompt on the other end of the line was, "Sorry, the user you are calling is not in the service area, please dial again later!"

        Su Chengfeng couldn't help but frown and spoke, "This Xuan Fengnian, he's too out of touch on a regular basis, in the past few days since he went to Jinling, he's said to be resting at the cemetery every day, making it impossible to get through on the phone."

        He Lao echoed at the side, "Master, this kind of person is usually very withdrawn, moreover, Xuan Fengnian's native parasite, which is said to live by eating human brains, is very evil, so I guess it is possible that he can live a healthier life in that kind of environment in the cemetery."

        As he was talking, his butler Su Anshun ran over with a panting face and said nervously, "Master, it's not good!"

        Su Chengfeng couldn't help but ask after him, "What's wrong? Such a big fuss."

        Su Anshun handed his mobile phone to Su Chengfeng and said, "Master, look at this missing person notice!"

        Su Chengfeng glanced at it and saw that there was a picture of Xuan Fengnian and his name on the search notice.

        Su Anshun hurriedly went forward to hold him up, and only after pinching him repeatedly did he recover slightly.

        Su Chengfeng's voice trembled a little as he said, "Xuan Fengnian has disappeared too?!"

        "Yes ......" Su Anshun said with an incomparably depressed expression, "The police found his rented car, which had been damaged by lightning, but he was nowhere to be found, and now the police are collecting clues everywhere!"