Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2929

And although the Su family was restricted from continuing this business, they were not restricted from selling their assets, so once Su Zhiyue had turned the Ocean Shipping Group into money and deposited it into her own account, even if Su Chengfeng had great ability, it would be impossible to get that money back and then redeem the entire Ocean Shipping Group that had been sold.


      It was because Su Zhi Fei had received orders from the old man that he surrounded Su Zhiyu early in the morning, trying every possible way and corner to inquire about Su Zhiyu's next plans.


      He even suggested that he could temporarily stop the few pieces of business he was holding and then do his best to help Su Zhiyu run the Ocean Shipping Group properly.


      In his words, Su Zhiyu was his sister, and since this business had been brought to him, no matter whether it was a blessing or a curse, he, as a brother, had to step forward to help his sister bear the burden.


      Grandpa and his family were very appreciative of Su Zhi Fei's attitude, thinking that he was going to stand behind his sister and support her regardless of everything.


      Her own brother's deliberate intentions have made her deeply resentful and anxious.


      Now she is afraid that she will not be able to protect the business she has managed to get back.


      Therefore, there was an even greater urgency to see Ye Chen.


      She wanted to have a chat with Ye Chen and ask him if he had any good advice.


      However, she didn't know whether Ye Chen was willing to see her or not.


      After thinking about it, she still plucked up the courage and asked Ye Chen on WeChat, "Your Grace, I wonder if you have time to meet with me?"


      Although he did not know why Su Zhiyu wanted to meet with him, he felt that it should be related to the Ocean Shipping Group.


      So Ye Chen replied, "How was your afternoon?"


      Su Zhiyu said, "No problem! I wonder where it would be more convenient for Your Excellency to choose to meet?"


      After thinking about it, Ye Chen said, "Let's go to Buckingham Palace, I'll give you a contact, you can contact Ito Yohiko of the Ito family and say that you are visiting him at Buckingham Palace, then you can go directly to his suite and I will meet you there."


      Ye Chen felt that Su Zhiyu, who was now under the close surveillance of the Su family, must be under the close surveillance of the Su family, if he met with her outside, the odds were that he would not be able to hide from Su Chengfeng's eyes and ears.


      Therefore, it would be better to let Su Zhiyu come directly to Buckingham Palace.

If it were not for the fact that Ito Yohiko happened to be staying at Buckingham Palace, Su Zhiyu's visit to Buckingham Palace, a Ye family property, would certainly have raised Su Chengfeng's alarm as well.


      However, precisely because Ito Yohiko was here, it made perfect sense for Su Zhiyu to come to see Ito Yohiko, and Su Chengfeng would certainly not have been suspicious.