Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2928

 Wang Dongxue's words caused Ye Chen to feel a little worried.


      He knew that Wang Dongxue's words were true, and that the current Su Chengfeng was only constrained by Su Zhiyu, so he chose to sacrifice his leg to put things right.


      However, as the storm over this matter gradually passes, Su Chengfeng, who has lost his leg to Ocean Shipping, will only suffer more and more, and it is more and more likely that this leg will grow back.


      At that time, Su Zhiyu will definitely be in great danger.


      If you look at it this way, cooperating with Su Zhiyu may not necessarily be harming her, but to some extent, it may still be protecting her.


      Thinking of this, he said very seriously, "In this way, Zhiqiu's side will still move forward according to the original plan, after all, whether we cooperate with Su Zhiyu or not, we must first do a good job in registering the company, applying for permits and integrating resources, otherwise, even if we get Su Zhiyu's resources, we won't be able to use them."

      "As for whether Su Zhiyu's side can cooperate or not, I will find the opportunity to talk to her!"

At this moment, Su Zhiyu is also worried about the next ocean shipping business.


      Although this piece of cake is huge, it is currently in a state where it is held in the hand but cannot be eaten in the stomach.


      After all, this whole business of the Su family was blocked, and there was no way to run these resources on her own for the time being.


      She actually wanted to meet with Ye Chen, tell him about this matter, and then try to cooperate with him and revitalise these resources.


      However, she was also worried that Ye Chen might feel disgusted with himself, and with the Su family; after all, her own father, and even her own family, had long been against the Ye family, and might even have been involved in the death of his parents.


      So, she hadn't thought about her next step at the moment.


      But the good news was that the Ocean Shipping Group had just changed to her name, so Su Zhiyu felt that she at least had some time to think about it in the long run.


      At this very moment, Su Chengfeng had given an order to her brother, Su Zhifei, to find a way to probe her and find out how she planned to run the Su family's ocean shipping group.


      What Su Chengfeng feared most was that Su Zhiyu would strike while the iron was hot and sell the entire Ocean Shipping Group's assets directly.


      If that was the case, then he would really be powerless to turn back the clock.


      After all, the group was now under Su Zhiyu's name, and all resources and property were at her disposal. If she broke up the group and sold it, no one would be qualified to stop her.