Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2927

   He Zhiqiu couldn't help but ask him, "Mr. Ye, you saved Su Zhiyu?"


      Ye Chen nodded, stretched out two fingers and said blandly, "Saved twice."


      "My God ......" He Zhiqiu exclaimed, thinking in her heart, "Ye Chen only saved me once, and I feel as if I have been completely captured by him, all I can think about is his Yingzi, that Su Zhiyu was even saved by him saved twice ...... In that case, I'm afraid Su Zhiyu's feelings for Ye Chen are much deeper than mine!"


      Song Wanting spoke up at this time, "Master Ye, since you have saved Su Zhiyu twice, then you might as well talk to her about cooperation, after all, she can only put her resources out for others to cooperate for a win-win situation now, and cooperating with other enterprises is certainly not as suitable as cooperating with you."


      Ye Chen was also a bit moved.


      His own ocean shipping business had not really taken off yet, but the Su family's ocean shipping group had long since taken on a very large scale, so if he could integrate the resources over, this part of his business would certainly be able to start up quickly.


      However, the only problem is that once Su Zhiyu cooperates with him, then his identity will definitely be exposed to the Su family.

Exposure at the Su family, Ye Chen was not worried about himself, after all, Su Shoudao and Su Shoude were in his hands, Xuan Fengnian was also taken out by himself, if the Su family wanted to deal with him, there was nothing at all to kill him, and he did not have to worry at all.


      And what he was really worried about was Su Zhiyu.


      Once she cooperated with himself, Su Chengfeng would definitely be furious and might turn his anger on Su Zhiyu at that time.


      After all, the Su family and the Ye family had a long-standing feud and were each other's biggest rivals. If Su Zhiyu cooperated with himself, then in Su Chengfeng's eyes, it would be tantamount to betraying the Su family completely and joining the enemy's camp.


      Although Ye Chen wanted to find a shortcut for his own business, this shortcut should not be based on putting Su Zhiyu in danger.


      To put it bluntly, in that case, he would probably harm her.


      So, he waved his hand and said to Song Wanting, who did not know the truth: "Although I know Su Zhiyu, my business has not yet taken off in any substantial way, so to seek her cooperation at this time would be tantamount to giving her a free hand. This is a bit of a moral kidnapping."


      After hearing this, Song Wanting nodded gently with understanding.


      She knew how Ye Chen was and would never use this as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the other party just because he had saved someone's life.


      To let Ye Chen do such a thing was indeed not in line with his character.


      However, Wang Dongxue knew Ye Chen's identity as the young master of the Ye family, and therefore guessed Ye Chen's true thoughts.


      Thus, she said with some emotion, "I heard that Su Chengfeng, that family head of the Su family, is sinister and despicable, and for the sake of the so-called family honor, he can personally plan and kill his own daughter-in-law and granddaughter, that Su Zhiyu wants such a large piece of business from him this time, I think Su Chengfeng will never sit back and wait for death, it is possible that when the wind of this matter of Su Zhiyu passes, he will make a move on Su Zhi I think that Su Chengfeng will not sit still and wait for this to happen.


      I don't think she can hold on to this, and she might even be affected by it. "