Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2922

 This person, Mr. Ye, is he good to get along with at work?"

Wang Dongxue smiled faintly and spoke:This person, the young master, is still quite good to get along with in life, but at work, it's not good at all.

"Is that so?" He Zhiqiu was a bit nervous and hurriedly asked:" Then the reason he doesn't get along well is because he is too strict with his work?

Wang Dongxue pursed her lips and smiled, saying, "No, on the contrary, the reason why the young master is not easy to get along with at work is because he is a complete handful at work, after dumping the work to the people below, basically he does not show up once in a few months, and does not give you the opportunity to get along with him at work. This is the reason why I said he is not good at work.

He Zhiqiu originally felt relieved, but once he heard the meaning of these words, he was a bit disappointed and thought to himself, " If I don't see Ye Chen for a few months, and Ye Chen doesn't care about my work, won't it be difficult for me to see him?

As He Zhiqiu was thinking, there was a knock on the door and a woman said, "Mr. Ye is here, Mr. Wang Dongxue.

The person who spoke was Wang Dongxue's secretary.

Wang Dongxue's secretary did not know Ye Chen's real identity, she only knew that Ye Chen was Wang Dongxue's valued guest, and every time he came to Dihao Group, Wang Dongxue always attached great importance to him, so when Ye Chen arrived, she immediately brought him here personally.

As soon as she heard that Ye Chen had arrived, ......

Wang Dongxue hurriedly stood up, quickly walked to the door and opened the office door, looked at Ye Chen and said very respectfully: ''Mr. Ye, you are here, please come in.

Ye Chen nodded slightly and stepped in.

Wang Dongxue hurriedly told his secretary: " From now on, I will not receive any visitors, all meetings and visits will be postponed, but if Miss Song from the Song family comes, bring her directly to my office.

The secretary immediately nodded: "Okay Wang Dong, I know."

Ye Chen entered the office at this time and saw that He Zhiqiu was standing somewhat restrained by the sofa in the meeting area, so he was a little surprised and asked, "Zhiqiu, why don't you sit down?

He Zhiqiu said with a bit of a blush, "Mr. Ye, you sit first and then I will sit.

Ye Chen waved his hand: "There is no need to be so formal in front of me, just be natural, sit down.

Only then did He Zhiqiu nodded and carefully sat down again on the sofa.

Wang Dongxue also closed the door and came over, saying respectfully: ''Young master, would you like something to drink?

Just some plain water.'' He said.

Ye Chen casually said Wang Dongxue hurriedly poured Ye Chen a glass of water before sitting opposite Ye Chen and smiled: ''Young master, before you came, I just talked to Miss He about you.

"Oh? Is that so?" Ye Chen smiled and asked, " What were you talking about me?