Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2921

 Early sent Xiao Churan to the construction site of the Dihao Hotel and drove himself to the Dihao Group.

Wang Dongxue had been waiting here for a long time.

He Zhiqiu was the first to arrive at Dihao Group, and after identifying herself, she was immediately invited to Wang Dongxue's office.

Wang Dongxue did not know He Zhiqiu, but she knew that she was Ye Chen's right-hand man and was also the only daughter of Professor He from Jinling University of Finance and Economics.

Therefore, as soon as she saw He Zhiqiu, she showed full enthusiasm.

After all, both of them would be working for Ye Chen in the future, although they did not distinguish any subordinates from each other, and in In the future, they would each be responsible for a stall of business, but Wang Dongxue still hoped to have a good relationship with her and strive to be Ye Chen's right-hand man together with her.

Although He Zhiqiu graduated from one of the world's top academic institutions, in the end she was still not too experienced in practical work, and when she saw a strong woman like Wang Dongxue, who had become the boss of a hundred billion market capitalisation enterprise step by step purely on her own strength, she also carried full respect, and she really did not expect that Wang Dongxue would be so young

Wang Dongxue was also surprised by He Zhiqiu's youthful beauty, and after inviting her into her office, she asked her with a smile, "When did you return to China, Miss He?"

He Zhiqiu said, "I have just returned a few days ago.

Wang Dongxue asked curiously, "Miss He has been in the United States before?

"Yes." He Zhiqiu nodded and explained, "I was born and raised in the United States, so I have lived there for most of my life.

Wang Dongxue asked again, "So, do you feel comfortable in Jinling just now?"

It's quite good." He Zhiqiu smiled and said: 'Actually, I feel much better at home than in the US, one is that I have a greater sense of belonging, and another very important reason is that I feel very safe at home.

"That's true." Wang Dongxue sighed, "I have spent some time in the United States, and the security there is indeed much worse than in China. After ten o'clock at night, except for downtown areas, you simply dare not go anywhere else, and there are often armed robberies in the streets, which is especially dangerous for women."

He Zhiqiu nodded in agreement and said reluctantly: " The security problem in the United States has always been a persistent problem, when I was in the United States, I usually did not go out after 9pm.

Wang Dongxue said with a smile: "But in China you can feel at ease, you can go out at any time.

He Zhiqiu nodded and cautiously asked Wang Dongxue: "Wang Dong, ......