Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2918

 Mai Chengxing dumbfounded at all this, sighing in his heart: "Today, I really saw the miracle The young master Ye, is really a person with great magical powers! No wonder he has a way to make Lai Qing Hua, twenty years younger! With this great divine ability to summon heavenly thunder, what is it to make people rejuvenate?

Ye Chen then looked at Mac Chengxing, lightly said: "You helped me to capture Xuan Fengnian has merit, but you are smooth, excessive self-interest, plus help my enemies to find my whereabouts in Jinling, although merit, but not enough to offset all the faults, so from now on, I will put you and Mac under house arrest in Jinling, after I solve Su Chengfeng, then let you leave.

Mai Chengxing's expression was bitter, but he also knew very well in his heart that it was useless to beg for forgiveness from Ye Chen, and it was also useless to show loyalty to Ye Chen.

This is because in Ye Chen's heart, there has long been a scale, the result of which he has long determined that will never change his own decision because of others' begging for forgiveness or submission.

Just now Xuan Fengnian, is the best example.

Therefore, the best choice for yourself right now, is to obediently obey, let Ye Chen sentenced.

Although house arrest is painful, but at least you can still keep your life.

If you cooperate well with Ye Chen in the future, you may be able to make up for your mistakes.

Then, he bowed down and said respectfully: ''Young Master Ye's decision, I have no objection whatsoever, everything is decided by Young Master Ye

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and spoke: "In that case, then follow me back.

Mai Chengxing hurriedly agreed, and when he raised his head and got up, he suddenly let out a gasp.

"Huh?! This Xuan Fengnian did not also be struck by lightning out of the relics?"

Ye Chen heard, subconsciously looked at the location where Xuan Fengnian was split into pieces by lightning, and indeed saw a duck egg-sized, gray-brown thing on the ground.

He could not help but frown, said: Shelizi which is so big? I think it could be a kidney stone, right?

"Not quite right

Mai Chengxing said, not

He took a step forward and picked up the gray-brown thing.

He carefully examined for a moment, could not help but exclaim: "My God! This is actually ambergris!

"Ambergris incense?" Ye Chen frowned, he dragged Qin just a few days ago to help find the ambergris, did not expect this Xuan Fengnian body has a piece.

However, Ye Chen did not care too much. Because, this thing, the ambergris incense is not really rare.

Rich people can buy it anytime as long as they are willing to spend money.

When I thought that I met with Yu Jinghai at the Jumbo Pavilion auction, the Jumbo Pavilion has a Song Dynasty pine crane backflow incense burner, in order to make this pine crane backflow incense burner sell for a high price, the auction party also gave it two boxes of ambergris incense ......