Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2915

 "What did you say? !

Xuan Fengnian's eyes widened as he asked with a pale and panicked face, "You have the Thunderbolt Order? !

Ye Chen laughed: "What? Is it strange? You are allowed to have it, but I am not allowed to have it?"

Xuan Fengnian blurted out, "But the method of making the Thunderbolt Order has long been lost! My thunderbolt was dug up by a gold detective from the tomb of a Ming dynasty master of metaphysics! I have never seen any other Thunderstorm Decrees besides my three Thunderstorm Decrees!

Ye Chen laughed and said, "It seems that you are not only bad, but also ignorant, your Thunderbolt Decree is just a defective product in my eyes. It is just as well that it can only be used once, but as a result, it can only summon such a small lightning bolt, it is not too embarrassing to say it out loud.

Saying that, Ye Chen pulled out his own Thunderstorm Order from his pocket and said with a smile:Come, let you see my Thunderstorm Order!

When Xuan Fengnian saw that Ye Chen also took out a wooden token from his bosom, he subconsciously said, "What's the difference between this and mine? Isn't it also made of lightning strike wood?

Ye Chen said disdainfully, "You want to see the difference? Come on, I'll show you now!

After saying that, Ye Chen waved one hand, raised the Thunderbolt Order above his head, and shouted: "Thunder comes!

As soon as the words left his mouth, the sky neutralized ......

A large black cloud had gathered at a great speed, and the clouds were filled with thunder, a terrible sound!

This movement was like a prelude to a storm!

Xuan Fengnian was instantly stunned by this situation, his whole body unconsciously trembled violently, muttering: "How is this possible?

Mai Chengxing was also scared silly, he stood behind Ye Chen, looking at his back, inwardly he could not help but ask himself: ''This young man, how could he have such uncanny ability?! Could he be an existence even higher than a martial artist? ! Isn't it true that people like that disappeared from the records back in the Tang Dynasty? !

At the same time, the

Ye Chen was holding the Thunderstorm

He looked at Xuan Fengnian like an ant and asked in a cold voice, "Xuan Fengnian, today I'll punish you to death, are you convinced? !"

With the sound of heavenly thunder rolling in his ears, Xuan Fengnian was already scared out of his wits and stood in place, not even knowing how to respond.

Seeing that he did not speak, Ye Chen immediately reached out his hand and pointed at the car that Xuan Fengnian had driven.

With a boom, an explosive thunderbolt descended from the sky and instantly struck that car, the whole car instantly exploded, scattering parts in all directions and flames in the sky!

This time, Xuan Fengnian was completely shocked, his legs went limp and he fell to the ground with a poof, followed by a feeling of relief in his bladder...

He pissed his trousers in between.

He remembered what he had done and said earlier when he refused to cooperate with Ye Chen, and his heart was even more terrified, afraid that Ye Chen would not forgive him.

If Ye Chen really wanted to be serious with him, with his strength, he would be able to destroy himself in an instant!

Ye Chen saw Xuan Fengnian kneeling on the ground, his whole body already scared silly, so he once again coldly questioned: "Xuan Fengnian, I ask you once again, today I punish you to death, are you convinced?

Xuan Fengnian, with tears streaming down his face, choked in agony like a child, "I am convinced, I only beg you to spare my life, from today onwards, I swear to God, I will follow you like a dog, I will follow you to death, I will not ask for your kindness! Please be merciful!

Ye Chen smiled faintly: "Grace does not exist, and I do not need such a person to be my dog.

After saying that, he looked down at the dying compulsion under his feet and asked with a cold smile: ''I wonder if you have heard of the allusion to inviting the king into the jar?

Xuan Fengnian's face turned pale with fear.

How could he not know about inviting the ruler into a jar?

A cool official, who was the best at torturing people, invented the torture of burning an urn red and then rushing the person to the urn, but he didn't expect to be invited into the urn himself.

To put it bluntly, it's a case of treating someone the way they should be treated.