Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2914

 Do not want to use it.

But today Ye Chen was really pushing people too hard, not leaving him any leeway at all, so he could only use this last suppressed secret weapon.

In his opinion, his own heavenly thunder order, although not as powerful as the real lightning, but this kind of instantaneous burst of lightning, for the flesh and blood of people, still has a very powerful killing power.

Although Ye Chen's strength is very strong, but after all, he is also a human and not a god, so he believes that Ye Chen absolutely can not defeat this astonishing lightning order!

Even if he is lucky not to die, he will lose his combat power on the spot, then, he will be able to immediately take back control of the native parasite, and then let the native parasite immediately suck his brains dry!

A - side of Mai Chengxing, seeing this lightning, is also scared out of a cold sweat!

Although he knew that there were a lot of profound and mysterious methods in the discipline of metaphysics, it was the first time he saw someone who could turn a piece of wood, into a lightning bolt!

At this moment, he also felt that Ye Chen was afraid that he was in a bad way.

However, just as the lightning struck Ye Chen

This moment ......

A surprising scene happened!

After that lightning struck Ye Chen, it was as if it was half absorbed by Ye Chen and disappeared out of thin air.

As for Ye Chen himself, he was still standing there motionlessly, seemingly without any abnormality.

Not only was he unharmed in any way, but he also wore an undisguised mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.

Xuan Fengnian was stunned!

He was shivering with fear and questioned repeatedly, "How is it possible! How is it possible! You were struck by my lightning bolt, but why do you look as if nothing has happened? !

Ye Chen spread out his hands and sneered sarcastically, "That's because nothing happened to me indeed!

As if his tail had been stepped on, Xuan Fengnian shouted, "That's impossible!

"What's impossible?" Ye Chen laughed and said, "By the way, I really didn't expect that you also had the Thunderstorm Order, honestly, where did this Thunderstorm Order come from?

Xuan Fengnian asked with a horrified face: "How do you know that this is the Thunderstruck Order? How did you know that this was the Thunderbolt Order?

Ye Chen sneered: " Of course I know, because, I also have one