Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2913

 What? The murder of a person to pay for his life has always been the natural justice, no matter what you kill!

Xuan Fengnian saw Ye Chen's expression firm, he knew that today's matter is afraid, it is impossible to get rid of.

He quickly analyzed the situation in his mind: right now, this guy named Ye is determined to want my life, by so much bitter begging, certainly not in exchange for his side of the net, it seems, can only fight with all their might, using the last resort to let go!

Thinking of this, Xuan Fengnian's expression suddenly became somewhat sinister, he looked at Ye Chen, coldly said: " You and I are not ordinary people, really count, we are also considered friends, naturally can not be compared with those ordinary people, as the saying goes, all things stay a line, good to see each other later, if you are determined to let me die, then I Xuan Fengnian is also not easy to bully!

Ye Chen toe on his native parasite, and slightly harder to step on, mouth full of disdain said: "If you still have any ability, just use it."

Xuan Fengnian gritted his teeth and said coldly: "You asked for it!

He immediately took out a black wooden stick from his pocket, the size of an oral liquid, and threw it at Ye Chen, shouting: "You ignorant child, look at my heavenly thunder!

Ye Chen was really stunned by his words.

"Heavenly thunder? ! Could it be that this Xuanyuan Fengnian also has an order of frightening thunder?!

The moment he thought of this, Ye Chen immediately put his body's spiritual energy to work at great speed and stood by!

Ye Chen saw that the thunderstorm order straight to their own, heart alert at the same time also some amazement, do not know why, Xuan Fengnian this thunderstorm order out, the sky did not appear any strange changes.

According to Ye Chen's own experience of using the lightning order, once this thing is activated, will be dark clouds, thunder rolls, but Xuan Fengnian this lightning order, but no movement at all.

Just then, the thunderstorm order exploded in front of Ye Chen's eyes!

Boom, an explosion of thunder out of thin air, but this movement but some thunder loud rain, Ye Chen only saw a meter-long lightning in front of his face, which contains the energy, even when he made the thunder order is less than one percent.

So, Ye Chen simply do not make any movements, let the one - meter long lightning strike to himself.

At this moment, the corner of Xuan Fengnian's mouth wiped a ruthless and successful smile.

This kind of one-time thunderbolt order, he got a total of three by coincidence.

The first two played an extremely important role at critical moments, and now this last one, Xuan Fengnian has been hidden close to his body for ten years, as a last resort, never ......