Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2911

Mai Chengxing's nervous heart was in his throat, afraid that if that compulsion went down, Ye Chen would just hiccup.

And Xuan Fengnian even smiled coldly and said, "I really didn't expect that there were so many stupid people in this world."

At that moment, Xuan Fengnian's native parasite directly bit at Ye Chen's heavenly spirit cover.

In this lightning, a close call, Ye Chen suddenly stretched out a hand, a slap will be like a basketball player cap, directly smacked the native parasite to the ground!

This sudden change in front of you, let Xuan Fengnian and Mai Chengxing look dumbfounded!

No one expected, that the momentum, the inevitable life compulsion, but by the other side of a slap dry over.

Xuan Fengnian even thought he was blind and did not see clearly.

But after he rubbed his eyes, he found that his own life compulsion is on the ground twisting and rolling in pain.

He subconsciously blurted out: " How is this possible! My native parasite has always been unbeatable, how did you do it?!"

Ye Chen sneered with contempt: " Just your three-legged kung fu, also have the nerve to say you are unbeatable? No wonder you and Yu Jinghai are master brothers, both of you are only blowing boo waste!

Xuan Fengnian frowned and asked: "You know my brother Yu Jinghai?

Ye Chen nodded, said casually: "know ah, Hong Kong metaphysical master Yu Jinghai, it is said that a hand-made amulet can be sold to hundreds of thousands, he came to Jinling last year to pretend, think they are fierce dragon over the river, the results in my hands even a move did not carry over the dead ball, dead when it is still pretty fucking tragic.

After saying that, Ye Chen said with a smile: "Aiya, if so, you brothers are really destined to meet thousands of miles, he died in Jinling, you also chased to die here with him!

Xuan Fengnian face full of shock, his afterglow skimming to the ground. The native parasite that kept rolling on the ground, still thinking of waiting for an opportunity to resist.

So, he secretly made a hand seal, to the native parasite a hook finger, the parasite will instantly as a chicken blood, struggling to rise up again!

He wanted to hit Ye Chen a surprise, but did not expect that the native parasite just flew up, and by Ye Chen's hand, a slap, fiercely smashed to the ground!

This time, the native parasite is seriously injured, and Xuan Fengnian because of the deep bloodline connection with the native parasite, the native parasite is set back, he immediately also suffered a backlash, as if the whole person suffered a heavy blow, all over the pain.

At this time, Ye Chen directly stepped on the body of the native parasite, and the ......

When the compulsion can not move.

Pain and panic, so that the compulsion insect mouth a squeak.

Ye Chen said with interest: "Damn, you big baby silkworm scream so hard, see if I do not stomp the shit out of you!

said, a little force under the foot, the claim to have a body of steel, the sword and spear invulnerable native parasite, was immediately stepped on from the front and rear of each spurting a large puddle of green slime, all of a sudden lost half a life.

And Xuan Fengnian more miserable, his whole person owl, spitting out a large mouthful of blood, and suddenly even stand unstable.

Xuan Fengnian was dumbfounded and stared at Ye Chen and asked: "What the hell are you? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

Ye Chen laughed and said playfully: "I? I am the person you have been looking for, you want to find me and kill me? I am now in front of your eyes, you can do it.

"What?!" Xuan Fengnian's eyes widened, followed by looking at Mai Chengxing, cursing angrily: "Surnamed Mai, you old bastard, how dare you betray me!

At this moment, deep inside, Mai Chengxing was overjoyed and hurriedly ran all the way to behind Ye Chen, then said to Xuan Fengnian: "Xuan Fengnian, such a heartless beast like you, everyone should be punished! Today, I helped Young Master Ye to collect this beast of yours, it is also considered to do for heaven!