Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2908

 Although Ye Chen did not know Xuan Fengnian, nor did he know how he acted, he felt that for a person like Xuan Fengnian, cruelty and killing must be engraved in his bones.

The fact that he did not kill was not because he was kind-hearted, but because conditions did not allow him to do so, and once conditions allowed him to do so, he would definitely not be soft.

According to Mai Chengxing, the last time he met Xuan Fengnian at the Phoenix Hill Cemetery, Xuan Fengnian had lamented that there was only one security guard at the huge Phoenix Hill Cemetery, so much so that he could not even get enough food for his native parasites.

This shows that once conditions allow, Xuan Fengnian cannot kill just one person, he must be killing as many people as possible.

Today, Mai Chengxing's attempt to take a share of his pocket must have touched his scales, and he will definitely be moved to kill Mai Chengxing, otherwise he wouldn't have asked Mai Chengxing to meet him at Phoenix Mountain.

When the time comes, he will definitely not show any mercy to himself as long as he sees himself as a taxi driver.

At this moment, Xuan Fengnian had been driving behind Ye Chen's taxi.

He was originally thinking that tonight, even Mai Chengxing and his great-grandson ......

Mike was taken out together.

But to his surprise, only Mai Chengxing was the only one who walked out of the hotel.

When he saw him get into a taxi, Xuan Fengnian had already made up his mind that he would kill the taxi driver as well, so that he could feed his own insects, otherwise eating only this bad old man, Mac Chengxing, would not be enough to feed his insects.

He also has already made up his mind, when Mai Chengxing arrived at Phoenix Mountain in a car, he did not even talk to him, first to kill the driver, and then force Mai Chengxing to tell the specific clues, and when Mai Chengxing explained clearly, then he will also be finished.

Xuan Fengnian didn't take the aged Mai Chengxing seriously, he knew that Mai Chengxing had only studied feng shui all his life and was not proficient in killing, plus being too old, he was no match for him at all.

As for the taxi driver who had stopped him casually, he was even less worried.

Not to mention an ordinary driver, even if it was a well-trained special forces soldier, or an expert in internal martial arts, he would have no chance of winning in front of his own compulsion.

In his eyes, such an ordinary person is just ......

It was just a ration for his native parasites.

When Ye Chen drove out of the city, he had already noticed a Volkswagen car behind him that was always a few cars away from him, trailing him all the way.

He also guessed that the person sitting in that car should be Xuan Fengnian.

However, he did not respond in any way, as if he did not see him, and went straight to the Phoenix Hill Cemetery.

At this time, the Phoenix Hill Cemetery was indeed as Xuan Fengnian had said on the phone, and there was no one left long ago. The previous case of the security guard being drained of his brain had not yet been solved, and the entire Phoenix Hill Cemetery's operation team was on edge, so no one was sent to keep watch.

Xuan Fengnian saw Ye Chen's taxi enter the Phoenix Hill Cemetery's panoramic road, so he turned off his lights and followed him directly.

The taxi drove halfway up the mountain, Ye Chen parked the car at the entrance of the cemetery, Mai Chengxing said to him somewhat nervously: "Young Master Ye, then I will go down first, please also pay more attention, don't fall into the path of Xuan Fengnian!

He was afraid that Ye Chen might not be able to take care of himself, and that he might die here.