Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2907

 When Ye Chen arrived in front of Buckingham Palace, Mak Chengxing also walked out from the hotel lobby.

When he reached the entrance and saw the taxi driven by Ye Chen, he waved his hand at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen then drove the car in front of him, lowered the window and opened his mouth to ask, 'A taxi?

Yes!" Mai Chengxing nodded and said, "I'm going to Phoenix Mountain Cemetery."

Go to Phoenix Mountain?" Ye Chen said in mock horror, "Why would you go to a place like that in the middle of the night? I can't go, it's too bad luck.

Mai Chengxing was busy saying, "Little brother, I have something to do at Phoenix Mountain, if you think it's unlucky, can't I give you more money?

When Ye Chen heard this, his eyes twinkled and he asked, "Increase the money? How much can you raise?

Mai Chengxing directly took out ten hundred yuan notes

Handing it to Ye Chen, he said, "A thousand dollars, what do you think?"

Ye Chen therefore ......

The money-eyed look, cheerful beckoning said: 'Come, come, come, get in!

Mai Chengxing then pulled open the car door and sat in.

Ye Chen hurriedly started, the vehicle towards the Phoenix Mountain all the way in.

On the road, Mai Chengxing asked with a nervous face: "Young Master Ye, you said that Xuan Fengnian, in the end will not follow in the back?

Ye Chen blandly said: "No matter if he followed or not, we do the show to do a full set, otherwise in case of disclosure, the other party will definitely disappear without a trace in the first - time.

Mai Chengxing could only nod and asked, "Then when we arrive at the place, should I go in by myself or do you have other arrangements?

Ye Chen then said: "You just get off the bus and go in, wait for Xuan Fengnian to contact you.

Mai Chengxing asked nervously: "Then after I get off, what do you do? Is it secretly following, or waiting outside for the rabbits?

Ye Chen blandly said: "Don't worry, I will follow you in openly at that time.

Mai Chengxing couldn't help but ask:" Wouldn't that make Xuan Fengnian suspicious?''

Ye Chen confidently said: "No, Xuan Fengnian will definitely find a way to let me go in as well. The company was surprised: "How can you be so sure?

Ye Chen sneered: "Because Xuan Fengnian is extremely important to that natal parasite, he is bent on feeding his natal parasite, so certainly will not stand by and let go of a potential food, and once let me go, to him also a few more exposure risk, why not simply kill me, killing two birds with one stone?"

Mak Shing Hing couldn't help but ask, "What if he doesn't want to get involved and just wants to sort things out with me? That way, if you don't drive the taxi away, Xuan Fengnian will definitely have doubts in his mind.

Ye Chen waved his hand and said confidently: "Don't worry, Xuan Fengnian will definitely not be able to let me go by then!