Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2904

 Xuan Fengnian was indeed secretly watching the two of them, Mai Chengxing and Mike.

However, just as Ye Chen had speculated, he did not go inside Buckingham Palace directly, but chose to keep an eye on them in the shadows outside Buckingham Palace.

This was mainly because Buckingham Palace was crowded and had a very sophisticated surveillance system, so if there was no one to help, the possibility of completely concealing the surveillance was almost nil.

Xuan Fengnian felt that with his own skills, he could keep a close watch on everyone entering and leaving the hotel outside Buckingham Palace, and as soon as the two grandchildren left, he would be able to follow them all the way.

On the one hand, he was worried that he would not do his job properly and help him find the mystery man, and on the other hand, he was worried that he would steal his credit.

After all, from his point of view, this old man, Mak Seung-hing, is no slouch either.

The best solution is to keep a close eye on him, and if this old man dares to do something behind his back, then he will be the first one to get rid of him. ......

However, Xuan Fengnian did not know that at this time, Mac Chengxing had already turned against the water.

After leaving Mac at Buckingham Palace, Mac Chengxing left Buckingham Palace alone and headed for the Du family's old residence, as instructed by Ye Chen.

Xuan Fengnian was puzzled and wondered why Mac did not come with him, but thought that Mac, a youngster like him, could not have any real ability, so he was not afraid that Mac Chengxing was playing some kind of diversion with him.

So he followed him in a rented Volkswagen car.

After pretending to stay by the Du family's old house for half a day and taking out his compass and talisman paper for a while, he pretended to have something, hailed a taxi and went first to the Forbidden Mountain Tunnel where the incident took place, then turned back to the city for a while before finally returning to the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

Xuan Fengnian followed all the way, followed the Mai Chengxing went to the Du family's old house, and went to the Purple Mountain Tunnel, also followed a large circle in Jinling, more and more sure that the old guy must have found some clues.

So, Mai ......

After Chengxing returned to the hotel, he gave Mai Chengxing a call, and over the phone, asked in a pretend concern, "Old Mr. Mai, I wonder if there is any progress in the matter?"

Mai Chengxing was originally planning to call Xuan Fengnian, but he did not expect the other party to call him first, so he followed Ye Chen's instructions and spoke, "Master Xuan, old man, I was out on a big run, and I had just returned to the hotel when your call came."

Xuan Fengnian smiled and asked, "Aiya, Elder Mr. Mai has stepped in, I'm sure there must be progress in this matter, I wonder how it turned out?"

Mai Chengxing then said, "I'm not going to lie to you, things have indeed made a big breakthrough."

Xuan Fengnian hurriedly asked, "What kind of breakthrough has there been, and has the exact person been identified?"

Mai Chengxing said with some difficulty, "Well ...... Master Xuan, I'm sorry I can't say it explicitly over the phone ......"

Xuan Fengnian said with some displeasure: "What's not to say, you directly tell me the clues, I will find that person to kill, so that you and I can go like Master Su to resume orders."