Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2903

 Ye Chen said indifferently, "Just say that you feel that he earns money too easily, and that you have worked much harder than him at such an old age for coming all the way here and tossing around Jinling for a few days. So I hope to be able to take a certain share of the reward from him."

Mai Chengxing nodded, but said a little nervously, "Young Master Ye, you may not know that person Xuan Fengnian. This person is brutal to the extreme, the last time he asked me to meet at Phoenix Hill Cemetery, it was clear that he wanted to give me a downward spiral, if I negotiate with him at this time and want to share the money in his hands, then he will definitely move to kill me ......"

Ye Chen said, "You don't have to worry. Although I am somewhat unashamed of your character, I am not so bad as to use your life as bait, as long as you cooperate with me to lure Xuan Fengnian out. I will naturally keep you safe."

Although Mai Chengxing was not too sure in his heart, he knew there was no other choice at this time, so he could only agree and said, "A person like Xuan Fengnian must be suspicious by nature, where does Young Master Ye plan to meet him? If the place is too remote. I'm afraid he'll be wary ......"

Ye Chen waved his hand, "If you ask him to come to Buckingham Palace directly, he must know that you live here, so it's safest for you to only ask him to meet here."

Mai Chengxing couldn't help but say, "Young Master Ye. Buckingham Palace is crowded, and it is located in the downtown area, in case we fight with Xuan Fengnian here, will the commotion be too big? In case it gets too big and badly ended, there might be unexpected trouble ......"

Ye Chen grunted and said, "I asked you to directly ask him to meet here, just to minimize his suspicions, and you should also understand that it is impossible for such a person to agree to meet you here."

Saying that, Ye Chen added, "He must also have the kind of concerns you mentioned just now, and if he really has murderous intentions towards you, he wouldn't dare to take you out directly at Buckingham Palace. So I believe he will definitely ask you out to meet him, and he must have chosen the location that way. He wouldn't have any extra scruples or suspicions."

Mai Chengxing nodded and cupped his fist, "It's still you, Young Master Ye, who is thoughtful, why don't I call him right now!"

"No way!" Ye Chen said in a cold voice, "He just met with you last night. You haven't even left the front door of the hotel today, so if you tell him directly that you have a clue, he definitely won't believe it."

Mai Chengxing couldn't help but say, "Xuan Fengnian is not interested in ......

I may not know everything about me either, right?"

Ye Chen said indifferently, "You and Xuan Fengnian are not the same kind of people, you make money by your craft, he makes money by killing people, just like a cook and a killer, you are not the same kind of people, you are not in the same dimension at all, you can't understand how cautious a person like him who makes money by killing people is, how meticulous his mind is, maybe he has been secretly watching you. So if you make a phone call, you might be exposed."

Mai Chengxing asked, "Then what do you mean, Young Master Ye?"

Ye Chen said, "You should follow your original plan and go to the Du family's old residence, and call him when you return."

Mai Chengxing nodded, then looked at the motionless Mike beside him and busily said, "Young Master Ye, please let my great-grandson recover, and I will go with him to the Du family's old mansion."

If Xuan Fengnian asks about it, you can say that Mike was frightened at Phoenix Mountain last night and is not feeling well today, so you did not let him follow.