Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2901

 When Lai Qing Hua heard this, he could not help but sigh and said: "Old Mai, that Xuan Fengnian is doing wrong in Jinling, Master Ye wants to bring him to justice, you should also give a helping hand for the sake of reason, how can you run away from the battle at this time!

The man's compulsion is very powerful and dangerous, if I really turn against him, I might lose my life!

If he helps me catch Xuan Fengnian, I will spare his life, but if he is stubborn and allows Xuan Fengnian to continue to plague the people, then I will have to kill him!

Mai Chengxing became anxious and blurted out, "You are so young, how can you be so cruel! I have been friends with Brother Lai for many years, don't you have any respect for him?"

As soon as Lai Qing Hua heard this, he immediately said, "Old Mai, don't sow discord here, I'm not begging Young Master Ye to give you a break for my sake!

Mai Chengxing originally wanted to use Lai Qing Hua's face to ask for leniency, but he didn't expect Lai Qing Hua to draw the line so directly with himself, so he said indignantly, " Brother Lai! You're just going to throw stones at him? That's a bit unjust, isn't it?

Lai Qing Hua's tone became somewhat cold as he spoke, "It's not that I ......

I owe Young Master Ye a great debt of gratitude that I may not be able to repay in my lifetime, so how can I have the face to ask Young Master Ye to give me face?

Mai Chengxing was shocked.

He did not expect that Lai Qing Hua's words were so heavy.

"How could he, an old senior who is over a hundred years old, owe this youngster in front of him a huge favour? This is too outrageous, isn't it?

When he thought of this, he suddenly thought of Lai's previous chance and asked, "Brother Lai, could it be that your chance is related to this man? He couldn't help but ask, "Brother Lai, could it be that your destiny is related to this man?"

Lai Qinghua fell into silence for a moment.

He could not say these words.

Because he was unwilling to go against Ye Chen's wishes and reveal his identity to the public.

However, Lai Qinghua's silence caused Mai Chengxing's heart to stutter and he asked nervously, "Brother Lai! Did you really owe that chance to him? !"

Lai Qing Hua said vaguely, "I have no comment on this matter!

At the side, Ye Chen said indifferently, "Mr. Lai, since he wants to know so much, why not just say it?

When Lai Qing Hua heard this, he said with a stifled smile, ''Ai, Old Mai, you are confused! You guessed right, Young Master Ye is the great benefactor who gave me the chance to pass through the heavens! How could you have offended Young Master Ye when you went all the way to China in search of a chance? !

! !' Boom!

Mai ......

Cheng Xing only felt five thunderbolts

Previously, he repeatedly asked Lai Qing Hua about the details of his chance, but Lai Qing Hua said that he could not reveal the identity of his benefactor, even if it was his own son or grandson.

In his view, Lai's chance was so great that he could pass through the heavens. Even Emperor Qin Shi Huang had not been able to turn back the clock and live forever, but he went to China for three years and returned to the United States three years later, twenty years younger.

However, although he was inwardly looking forward to it, there was nothing he could do in the face of Lai Ching-hua, who kept his mouth shut.

Originally, he had thought of running to China to look for the chance, but, in the vast country of China, it was as difficult to find it simply by himself.

However, this matter had always been on his mind and had become the most important wish he wanted to fulfil.

This time, he came to Jinling because he had found an element of chance in his divination, so he came all the way from the United States.

But he never expected that the great opportunity he had been dreaming of would be this young man in front of him!

In an instant, he was so remorseful that he couldn't help but think: "If I had known this, I wouldn't have offended this true god even if I had been killed!

He said with tears streaming down his face, "Young Master Ye, I'm really sorry, I'm so confused.