Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2900

 Ye Chen's unquestionable tone and unyielding threat made Mai Chengxing very nervous.

In his life, his greatest fear was to get into trouble, and the first thing he did was to slip away at the first sign of trouble, which was the true reflection of his 70 to 80 years of adulthood.

If he hadn't been so impressed by Lai's chance, he wouldn't have come to China to risk his life at a hundred years old.

But now, seeing that he had provoked such a ruthless character as Ye Chen, there was only one thing on his mind, and that was to hurry up and withdraw.

So, his tone softened and he looked at Ye Chen and pleaded: "Mr. Ye, I really don't know that Xuan Fengnian well, and I'm old and have a lot of problems, so don't make things difficult for me.

Ye Chen didn't look at him, but said loudly through the door: ''Old Chen, prepare the car and send Mr. Mai to visit Hong Wu's dog farm!

Okay young master! Chen Zekai, who had been standing outside the door, agreed without hesitation when he heard this.

Mak Chengxing's face turned white with fear and was about to continue begging for mercy when Ye Chen's mobile phone suddenly rang.

When Ye Chen saw that the call was from the United States, he knew that it must be Lai Qing Hua Lai Lao ......

Sir, so he pressed the answer button straight away.

On the other end of the line, Lai Qing Hua's voice came through and asked, "Young Master Ye, I wonder how things are going on your end? Have you caught that Xuan Fengnian?

Ye Chen smiled lightly and said: ''I am grateful that your elder is still thinking about it, Xuan Fengnian has not been found yet, I am looking for a breakthrough from the others.

Once Lai Qing Hua heard this, he couldn't help but ask, "The other people Young Master Ye is talking about should be Mai Chengxing, right?"


Ye Chen said: ''That's him.

At this moment, Mai Chengxing's expression instantly became horrified.

He you couldn't hear Lai Qing Hua's voice on the phone, but when Ye Chen said earlier that he was looking for a breakthrough from the others, he knew that the others Ye Chen was talking about were himself.

And now, Ye Chen had said that it was him, did the person on the phone also know him? !

When he thought of this, he thought to himself nervously, "I didn't expect that I would have a mutual acquaintance with this Ye, I wonder who this person really is?

Just then, Lai Qing Hua said to Ye Chen over the phone, "Young Master Ye, ......

I know him very well, he is not bad in nature, but he is opportunistic by nature and lacks some commitment, so if anything upsets you, young master Ye, please take care of him.

Ye Chen looked at the nervous-looking Mai Chengxing, turned on the speaker and said, " Mr. Lai, your old friend is not simply lacking in commitment, I already plan to leave him in Jinling for a good reflection.

Lai Qing Hua exclaimed:" Young Master Ye, what's going on here? Can you let me have a word with Old Mac?

Ye Chen said blandly: "I have the speakers on, you can say whatever you want.

Lai Qinghua blurted out, "Lao Mai! What have you done to offend Young Master Ye? !

!" said Mai Chengxing subconsciously: "Brother Lai? ! How do you know this Ye Chen? !

Lai Qing Hua said vaguely, "Young Master Ye is a friend of mine who has forgotten his youth.

I don't want to get involved in his affair with Xuan Fengnian, so he should let me and Mac leave Jinling for the sake of the two of us knowing each other for many years!"