Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2895

 By now the room was a shambles.

Both his and Mike's suitcases had been opened and searched, and the feng shui compass, which he had wrapped in satin and placed in his suitcase, had disappeared.

He and Michael had exchanged some of the RMB and some emergency dollars when they came to China, and they were still in the suitcase.

He said to Mike, "The money is not missing, nor is anything else, but the compass is missing!

Although Mike was not a master of his art, he knew very well that the compass was a family heirloom of the Mak family, which was said to have been passed down to this day from the ancestor of the first generation of the Mak family who practiced feng shui metaphysics.

Not to mention how much it could be worth, the significance of this inheritance alone could not be measured in monetary terms.

What's more, this feng shui compass, because of the continuous enchantment of the ancestors over the generations, can already be described as a magic weapon, and using it to check feng shui and divide gold and set points is far more accurate than a normal compass!

Successive generations of Mai family heirs have relied on this compass to become feng shui masters, if this compass is lost ......

In the future, the Mai family heir's ability to read feng shui would also be greatly reduced.

So, he hurriedly said to Mai Chengxing, "Grandpa Tai, let's hurry up and call the police!

Mai Chengxing nodded his head and said, "Yes, call the police! Hurry up!

At that moment, Richard Chen walked in and said, "Don't be too nervous, I've already called the police.

The two grandchildren turned their heads to look at the man, and saw that he was dressed in a suit and did not look like an ordinary person, so Mak Chengxing asked, "This gentleman, I wonder if you are?

Chen Zekai was busy saying: "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my humble self, Chen Zekai, is the general manager of the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

He said with a shameful face, "I am really sorry and ashamed as the manager of the hotel for what happened.

When Michael heard that Richard Chen had called the police, he gave up the idea of calling the police.

At this point, Mac Chengxing had some difficulty in hiding his anger ......

I have stayed at your hotels around the world not once or twice!

Even the waiters are very disciplined in taking tips, they only take the cash that is placed on the bed, and don't touch any cash anywhere else!

"But, the only thing that happens in this hotel of yours is that there is a nasty incident of burglary! And to steal one of my most valuable family heirlooms! This is outrageous!"

Richard Chen smiled awkwardly and hurriedly apologised: '"Aiya Mr. Mak, I'm really very, very sorry, I'm also surprised that such a thing could happen to our hotel, to be honest, this is an unprecedented first time since our hotel opened!

He said, "Mr. Mak, I wonder if that family heirloom of yours is worth a lot of money? Could it be that someone has come to steal your family heirloom?

With this kick, Chen Zekai immediately kicked the ball to Mai Chengxing's feet.