Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2894

 On the way, he called Richard Chan and asked him, "Old Chan, have they left Buckingham Palace yet?

Chen Zekai said: "Young master, they are having breakfast in the restaurant now. I see that they have already washed up and dressed, so they will probably leave directly after eating.

I'll be there in about ten minutes, so if they want to leave, you can help me hold them off.

Chen Zekai asked: ''Young master, where do you want to meet them? Do you want me to arrange for security and bring them to my office?

Ye Chen instructed: "No, this will alert the snake, later you directly arrange waiters with universal room card into their rooms, casually rummage through their things, and then casually take something, and finally open the door, if they want to leave, you let people is their room was burglarized, let them rush to the room to confirm the damage.

Chen Zekai laughed: "Young master, or your idea is much better, I'll arrange it! Think to get such a show, certainly can drag enough for ten minutes!

At this moment, Mai Chengxing drank the last small cup of coffee, wiped his mouth, said to Mike: "All right, let's hurry up and leave, go to the Du family, and guard that Su Zhiyu in the vicinity.

Mai ......

He asked him, "Grandpa, are we going to follow that Su Zhiyu? We're not very good at stalking either.

If we see her and find a way to get a hair from her, I will be able to trace her movements in Jinling and find out where she has been recently for a longer period of time.

After a pause, Mac Chengxing added: "Hasn't she been missing for a while and badly injured, so I think she should have been with the mystery man that the Su family is looking for for such a long time, so as long as we find the place where she has stayed for the longest time recently, we will be very close to that mystery man!

Mike asked in amazement, "Grandpa, what kind of solution are you talking about? What's so amazing? !

Mike Chengxing said seriously, "These are all tracking methods in the Qi Men Dun Jia, you should learn the I Ching and Bagua well first, and in the future your grandfather and your father will naturally teach you the various methods of the Qi Men Dun Jia."

Mike nodded gently, inwardly full of anticipation.

So he hurriedly shoved half a piece of sliced bread, lumped it into his mouth and then said in a slurred voice, "Okay Grandpa Tai, let's go!

Mai Chengxing nodded and had just stood up when suddenly a waitress ......

He ran over and asked with a nervous look on his face, "Excuse me, you are the guest in room 1003, right?

Mai Chengxing asked curiously, "I am, what's wrong?"

The waiter said apologetically, "I'm so sorry! Our housekeeping aunt was just cleaning the room and found that the door to your room was ajar. She went in and found that your personal belongings had been tampered with, so it's possible that you may have suffered a theft, so please hurry back to your room to confirm if there is any damage to your property.

Mai Chengxing had never thought that he would accidentally stay in a shady hotel when he was staying in an internationally renowned five-star chain hotel.

When he heard the waiter's words, he didn't have any doubts at all and subconsciously exclaimed, "Oh no! Mike, help me back to my room!

Mai Chengxing had gone out this time, bringing with him quite a few good things passed down from his old ancestors, and he was going to secretly approach Su Zhiyu today, so there were quite a few things he couldn't use so he didn't bring them with him.

Among them, just a piece of feng shui compass from the Song Dynasty was worth a fortune!

Moreover, it had been handed down by the ancestors of the Mak family for nearly a thousand years, so there was no room for error!

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With the help of Mike, Mai Chengxing hurried back to his room.