Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2892

 Speaking of this, Mai Chengxing sighed and said, "We are now on the shelf, to go or not to go. It's not up to us."

"F*ck!" said Mike, unable to resist bursting out an English national curse, exasperated, "What about ...... can we find the people?"

Mac Chengxing lamented, "It's fine to find the person, but the key is, after we find the person. Will there be other troubles ...... Moreover, if we find out the person and that person is killed by Xuan Fengnian, this can be our karma!"

Mike couldn't help but say, "Tai grandpa, now is not the time to care about others, it's most important that we hurry and leave Jinling safely ah, in case we both get fed to that big white bug by Xuan Fengnian, then it will be a total disaster!"

Mai Chengxing hesitated for a moment, nodded gently and sighed, "Hey, you have a point, when you can't take care of yourself. One can only find a way to preserve oneself as well ......"

After saying that, he added, "Tomorrow, we will try to find a way to contact Su Zhiyu, and see if we can find a breakthrough from her."


The next day. A rumor suddenly came out among the people of Jinling.

It was said that a paranormal event had occurred at the Phoenix Hill Cemetery on the outskirts of the city, and that a security guard guarding the cemetery had been killed by an evil spirit last night.

However, this rumor was soon controlled in a very targeted manner, plus it was said to be too spiritual, so only some superstitious-minded middle-aged and elderly people would believe it, and young people heard the base ......

Ben all but scoffed.

In the morning, Ma Lan made breakfast at home. When Ye Chen and Xiao Churan came down to eat, she said very seriously at the table, "Churan, Ye Chen, you two must try to go out as little as possible in these two days, even if you have to go out for something. You must also come back before it gets dark!"

Xiao Churan looked surprised and asked, "Mom, what's wrong with you?"

Ma Lan said seriously, "I'm telling you, last night at Phoenix Hill Cemetery, someone was killed by a ghost! Even their brains were sucked out! It was said that when he died, he was bleeding from all seven orifices and had a big hole on top of his head, but it turned out to be an empty shell with nothing inside!"

When Xiao Churan heard this, she said with a helpless expression, "Mom, you are at least a university student. How can you believe such rumours? There are no ghosts in the world, they are all lies."

Ma Lan said in a serious manner, "How can this be a lie? It's the real thing! There were photos of it, but I don't know what happened, but the system deleted them. That photo was so scary that my back is still wet."

Xiao Changkun frowned and said, "There seems to be some people in my group discussing it, but I looked through the chat logs and there's no evidence of pictures or anything like that."

Xiao Churan laughed and said, "Even if there are photos, they are not necessarily credible, the computer synthesis technology is so advanced nowadays, any photo can be made.

I don't know what to think."

Ma Lan said fervently, "I'd rather believe it than not believe it. You two should go home early, there's nothing to lose if you go home early anyway, and you can spend more time with me at home.

Xiao Churan said helplessly, "But I have to keep an eye on the project recently, and I'll be busier and busier from now on."

Ma Lan shook her head helplessly. Looking at Ye Chen, who had not said anything, she instructed, "Good son-in-law, you have the ability, remember to pick up Churan at night in the next few days. She's not comfortable going home alone mum."

"Yes mum!"

Although Ye Chen hadn't spoken, he had already made a review in his head of what Ma Lan and Xiao Churan had talked about.

He thought that what Ma Lan said about this matter was not empty talk, it should be inseparable from that Xuan Fengnian.

It was just that ordinary people did not know about such things as compulsions. The place of the incident was in a cemetery, so it was logical to presume that it was an evil spirit that killed someone.

It seems that this Xuan Fengnian is really brutal, killing people just to feed his so-called compulsions.

If he himself waited for him to come to his door unmoved, there was no telling how many people would die under him in the meantime!

Thinking of this, he immediately sent a message to Chen Zekai: "Check if there is any record of a British Chinese named Xuan Fengnian entering the country, and check if there is any information on his stay in the hotel system in Jinling!"