Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2891

 Meanwhile, Mak Seung-Hsing and Mike, were sitting worriedly in their room at the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

Mike had not yet recovered from his horrific experience and was in a very poor state of mind.

He was holding a few coins in his hand and kept tossing them around on the table.

The trigrams presented by the copper coins were no longer understandable to Mai Chengxing, which made him a little puzzled. The opportunities in the trigrams were always there, but the dangers were never eliminated either, and even that misty sense of the unknown was even stronger than before.

Unconsciously, this old gentleman's mentality also began to change gradually.

Originally, he thought that he was just taking advantage of Su Chengfeng's invitation to come over to China to look for opportunities while making some money on the side.

Even if he didn't find any chance or money, it didn't matter, he just thought of it as a trip back to his homeland.

Even if there is danger, I am afraid it is because I am getting old and my body may not be able to bear the strain.

At the same time. It is also easy to trigger some hidden ...... that are common among the elderly

He had no idea that this matter would come to a head.

However, he never expected that a Xuan Fengnian would emerge from this matter!

This Xuan Fengnian was too dangerous!

In his eyes, killing people was nothing at all.

It had even become a commonplace for him to kill people.

He was suddenly involved in this matter. It did give Mak a strong sense of crisis, so much so that he began to reassess in his mind whether it was worth continuing to invest his energy in this matter.

Having lived to such an advanced age, what he cared about was not Su Chengfeng's money, but the chance to be twenty years younger at once, like Lai Qing Hua.

However, now that the chance is uncertain and the danger factor is elusive, he is worried that he will lose his life in Jinling before he can find it.

After all, he is only a dying feng shui master, so to speak, and so is his great-grandson Mike, who basically has little ability to defend himself.

In front of Xuan Fengnian, the two of them combined could ......

He could not withstand a single round, and in case he really started to fight, he was afraid that he would only be fed to the parasites.

Mike, who had his heart in his mouth, couldn't help but say, "Grandpa Tai. Why don't we go back to America, that Xuan Fengnian today, is really too evil, in case he wants to target us, we have no chance of winning at all!"

Mac Chengxing sighed, "We can go, but if we go, we will definitely have to offend Su Chengfeng, and if Su Chengfeng asks him to finish us off then, won't we make a mistake?"

Mike said, "We can talk to him and return all the money to him, and we can always break up peacefully, right?"

Mac Chengxing shook his head and said, "Didn't you hear what Xuan Fengnian said? He is good at killing people but not at finding them, so he is still waiting for us to find them out and then he will go for the killings. Now Su Chengfeng thinks that the person he asked us to find is related to his granddaughter Su Zhiyu and asked us to find a breakthrough from Su Zhiyu, if we leave at this time, Xuan Fengnian may not even agree. Didn't you hear what he said before we left? He told me to find her quickly and not to delay his fortune.