Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2888

 The two of them did not speak again on the way back to Buckingham Palace.

The two grandchildren returned to Buckingham Palace in a car in a hurry, on this journey, the two did not speak again, after all, the experience just now is indeed a bit too bloody, the two also afraid to say any sensitive information was heard by the taxi driver.

After all, if someone died in that cemetery today, it would be known to others tomorrow and an investigation might soon be opened.

Neither of the grandchildren wanted to involve the police again.

What they did not know, however, was that Richard Chen's men, as well as the two young scions of the Ho family, had already begun to lay their hands in secret.

At this moment, Richard Chen's men were waiting in the shadows at the entrance of the hotel, just waiting for the grandfather and grandson to return, and then doing a reverse trace of their movements just now.

Unbeknownst to Mak Cheng Hing, someone was already watching them.

When the taxi stopped at the entrance of Buckingham Palace, Mak got out of the car with the help of Mike.

Immediately afterwards, the exhausted pair hurried back to their room to rest.

While Richard Chan's men, and the latter of the Ho family, chased the taxi away from the scene in a special car.

A few minutes later, they forced the taxi to a halt at a junction, and one of Richard Chen's men immediately came to the driver's window, looked at the driver, and opened his mouth to ask: "Just now What was the place where the grandchildren you dropped off. . got into the car?"


When the taxi driver saw that the visitor was not good, he was a bit nervous for a while, not knowing whether he should answer truthfully.

The taxi driver was not sure if he should answer honestly, but he threw 10,000 yuan in cash through the window and said, "We are Master Hong's men, so if you answer honestly, no one will give you a hard time.

The 10,000 yuan is also a reward for you." After that, he turned his words and threatened, "But if you don't tell us, or don't tell the truth, then don't blame us for being unkind to you! I've taken note of your license plate, and as long as I let the word out, it will be difficult for you to walk in Jinling in the future!

If Chen Zekai's name is mentioned, the taxi, car drivers are afraid that they do not know it, but if Hong Wu's name is mentioned, then there is not a single taxi driver who does not know it.

After all, Hong Wu is the boss of the entire Jinling underground world, with many minions under his command, and has a monopoly on many industries in Jinling, especially nightclubs and bars.

The taxi drivers were always working in such places every day, so they naturally knew all about these situations.

Therefore, as soon as he heard Hong Wu's name, the driver said, "Brother, I'll tell you! Those two people got on the roadside near Phoenix Mountain!

Phoenix Mountain?!" Chen Zekai's hand" down Frowned:" There's not much place there besides Phoenix Hill Cemetery, right?

"Yes!'" The driver nodded repeatedly, "There's not much around there, there used to be a small village, They were all bought and relocated by the developer of Phoenix Hill Cemetery.

Chen Zekai's men nodded slightly and said in a cold voice: "Remember, no one should say anything about what just happened, got it?

The driver hurriedly took a stand and said, "Don't worry, I understand!"

After that, he handed out another 10,000 yuan and said nervously, "Brother, you should keep this money, I can't take it!

Chen Zekai's men scolded, "Take it when you're told to, where's all the nonsense? Get out of here!

The driver didn't dare to make a fuss, so he took the money and ran away with a kick of the accelerator.

Chen Zekai's men hurriedly reported the situation to Chen Zekai, who also told Ye Chen at the first opportunity.

When Ye Chen heard that Mai Chengxing and his grandchildren had gone to Phoenix Mountain, he was a bit surprised and thought to himself, "These two people came to Jinling to find me, but why did they go to Phoenix Mountain at night?"

Realizing that something wasn't quite right, Ye Chen said to Chen Zekai, "Old Chen, you should hurry up and transfer the surveillance when they left the Buckingham Palace, and see which taxi they left in at that time!

Then try to find the driver of this taxi as soon as possible based on the license plate number, and make sure to ask him where he took these two people to!"

"Also, tell him to recall what these two people actually talked about in the car, and repeat as much of the relevant content as he can remember, and make a transcript and send it to me!

"Yes, young master.