Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2887

 In his heart, Mai Chengxing was ten thousand times unwilling to cooperate with such an evil person.

But he did not dare to offend the other side, so he nodded and said: "That's natural! Both of us have our own strengths, so we can work together to complement each other's strengths.

Right! Xuan Fengnian smiled faintly and said, "In that case, then I would like to ask Mr. Mai to find a way to get closer to that Su Zhiyu tomorrow, I will send you the address by SMS later."

Good. Mai Chengxing nodded and asked again, "I wonder if Master Xuan has any other business?

No." Xuan Fengnian smiled and said, "Just this one thing, it's hard for old Mr. Mai to make a trip, also because I'm worried that our conversation was overheard by others, please don't mind old man."

Mai Chengxing sneered in his heart, he still can't see Xuan Fengnian's thoughts? This guy is not worried about the conversation being heard by others, he wants to call himself over and use that security guard just now to give himself a downward spiral!

However, he also did not dare to offend ......

Sin Xuan Fengnian, busy politely said: "Master Xuan words, you are also responsible for Master Su, I understand very well.

After saying that, Mai Chengxing asked again: "Master Xuan to return to the city? If you want to go back, I asked my grandson to call a car, we can go back together, if Master Xuan does not want to go with us, let him call a separate one for you.

It's not necessary." Xuan Fengnian pointed at the corpse on the ground and sneered, "The blood of the dead is good for me, I can take advantage of it to refine my magic weapon, so it's a waste to leave like this.

Mai Chengxing gave a sarcastic smile and arched his hand:

In that case, I'll go back first.

Xuan Fengnian laughed and said in a somewhat sinister voice: "Mr. Mai, thanks to you for finding someone, don't delay me from getting rich!

Mai Chengxing heart a tight, busy to speak: "Master Xuan do not worry, I will do my best!

After saying that, he said to ......

said to Mike, who was pale on the side: "Mike, quickly say goodbye to Master Xuan.

Mike came back to his senses and hurriedly bowed, "Goodbye, Master Xuan!

Xuan Fengnian smiled heatedly and nodded slightly.

Mac Chengxing hurriedly led Mike, all the way towards the outside of the cemetery.

A few hundred meters away, Mike lowered his voice and said: "Grandpa!

Mai Chengxing immediately chided in a low voice: ''Don't say anything, go back first!

Mike had the sense to shut his mouth.

What he saw and heard just now, overturned his twenty years of perception of the world, so that he was horrified beyond measure, at this time, even walking feel some weakness in the legs, can not make the strength.

At the request of Mak Chengxing, Mike did not immediately call a car, the two grandchildren walked together for a long time, until they reached the main road. On the road, before reaching out to stop a passing cab.

Once in the car, Mike curled up on one side of the seat, as if he had just had a serious illness a