Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2886

 However, for the sake of face and because the other party was too aggressive, so he just smiled and avoided the topic of compulsions and said, "This place is not crowded, but it is a good place to talk about business."

Xuan Fengnian nodded, said depressed: "I thought that this kind of place is definitely a perfect place to let the companions eat at once, but who the hell would have thought that a large cemetery, but only a security guard, think the developer of the cemetery is also stingy to the extreme!"

Mai Chengxing's heart was aghast.

He understood Xuan Fengnian's words: "This guy must have thought that there must be at least a few security guards here, and there are not many people around, is a good place to kill, but after coming to find only one security guard, so discontent."

However, he did not know how to take this, so he could only respond with two dry smiles.

Xuan Fengnian looked at the security guard standing motionless beside him, stretched out his hand, and suddenly shouted, "Come back!"

I saw the security guard's head of hair, suddenly drilled out of a white worm comparable to the size of an adult sea cucumber, the worm is white and fat, a large mouthpiece full of black teeth, but also hanging red and white things, looking incredibly disgusting.

And the bug from the top of the security guard, suddenly twisted the body, like a carp, the whole will fly up in the air, straight to Xuan Fengnian's hand.

Xuan Fengnian a ......

Hand dragging the fat insect, one hand on its body lovingly stroked.

The bug, in turn, rolled back and forth in his hand, making strange and bizarre squeaking sounds.

While stroking, Xuan Fengnian recited: "I know you're not full, don't worry, this is the only one today, I'll find you some more food tomorrow!"

Immediately afterwards, the worm tossed and squeaked like a mouse.

Xuan Fengnian raised his head, looked at Mai Chengxing and Mike, smiled and said to the worm: "These two are not your food, this is my friend, you do not want to fool around, first sleep well, tomorrow will let you eat and eat well!"

When Mac Chengxing and Mike heard this, they realized that the fat white worm wanted to eat them both, and they were frightened with a bad chill and a chill at the back.

Seeing Xuan Fengnian put the bug into his arms, Mac Chengxing hurriedly got straight to the point and asked, "I don't know what Master Xuan wants to see me about at this late hour?"

Xuan Fengnian smiled grimly and said, "The old man of the Su family called me again today, I can hear that he is very angry and can't wait to find out the hidden expert in Jinling and deal with him afterwards."

He said, he added: "I am good at killing people, not finding them, so I don't know how long it will take me to find that kid if I keep looking for a needle in a haystack, so I have to ask you, Mr. Mai, after all, you are able to calculate, so you can definitely find more relevant clues."

Mai Chengxing was surprised and asked, "How does Master Xuan know that the person we are looking for is a kid?"

Xuan Fengnian laughed: "Master Su called and said some new information, the kid is about twenty-five years old, the maximum is only thirty years old, very strong, at least stronger than the Japanese ninja in the upper ninja, and this person is likely to be Japanese Chinese, these clues, he did not tell your mother?"

Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, "These two days Mr. Su did not contact me."

Xuan Fengnian nodded and added, "It is said that this person has an unusual relationship with Mr. Su's granddaughter, and it is possible that they are still a young couple in love."

"I would have liked to directly capture his granddaughter to torture and ask a clear question, but the old man Su fear of wolves, fear of tigers, said that now move who can not move his granddaughter, so I could not find any breakthrough point."

"So I also want to let Mr. McDonald follow this line of inquiry, to see that you are proficient in Yijing bagua, feng shui secret master, can not find a little clue."

Speaking of this, Xuan Fengnian sighed and added: "Mr. Mai, both of us should work together to find and kill that person earlier, or go back to each family and find each mother earlier."

"In that case, I can also complete the second mission of the Su family, get the money to return to the UK, and you, too, can return to your United States of America sooner."