Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2885

  Mai Chengxing looked at Mike and explained, "You think that something like a compulsion worm, which seems to have no trace, seems to be very unscientific, but it is actually very scientific instead."

Saying that, Mai Chengxing further explained, "The compulsion insect feeds on human brains, and it must be fresh human brains, which means that the person is also just recently dead, although the human brain has been devoured by the compulsion insect and lost the whole central nervous system, but the body functions will not immediately lose its vitality, just like a brain-dead person, often still has a heartbeat and blood circulation. "

"The reason why the parasite is magical is that after it eats the human brain, it is able to temporarily take over the person's central nervous system and then perform simple manipulation of the human body."

"Like that security guard just now, he was manipulated by the compulsion to walk all the way here, but because the person was already dead and his muscles kept stiffening, he looked stiff in his actions."

"You can see that he can only walk, open doors, wave and these basic movements, but he can't speak, this is mainly because the companions themselves can't manipulate him deeply, they can only do some very simple movements driven by the mind of the companions' keeper"

Mike looked carefully at the guard's back and hastily asked again, "Grandpa, can the parasites keep manipulating this corpse?"

"Of course not." Mac Chengxing said seriously, "Let's not mention that the corpse will gradually stiffen and decay, but the parasite itself, after it has devoured this person's brain, even if it immediately goes into a dormant state, it can at most survive for a month, and if it doesn't eat again within a month, it will simply starve to death."

Mike exclaimed, "It has to feed again within a month, doesn't that mean it has to kill a person a month?!"

Mac Chengxing said in a cold voice: "Killing one person in a month is still the case if it goes into a dormant state all this month, if the compulsion keeper keeps letting it kill people everywhere, then it might have to feed once in a few days ......"

Mike looked horrified and said in a trembling voice, "This ...... is a bloody human life behind every one of these parasites! I've never heard of anything more evil than it in my life ......"

Mai Chengxing sighed, "That's because you haven't seen enough, there are things more evil than a compulsion worm."

The two grandchildren walked while talking and soon had reached the depths of the cemetery.

At this moment, on a clearing halfway up the mountain, a lean old man was sitting cross-legged in the middle.

This man was Xuan Fengnian.

Seeing Mai Chengxing and Mac approaching, Xuan Fengnian said, "Old Mr. Mac, I have heard a lot about you."

I have heard of Master Xuan for a long time. It is said that Master Xuan is a powerful figure in the British Isles, and that half of the Chinese in Europe hold him in high esteem.

The corners of Xuan Fengnian's mouth wiped over with an ugly smile, and then he said, "Mr. Mak, it is a bit presumptuous to ask you to come here today, mainly because my parasite has been starving for three days since it came here with me from England.

When Mai Chengxing heard that Xuan Fengnian had downplayed the murder as bringing the parasite out to find some food, he was already disgusted with this man to the extreme.