Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2884

Is it really dead?

Mike was frightened when he heard this and said nervously, "Isn't this the zombie from the movie? !

"No!" Mike Chengxing waved his hand and said seriously: "This is what happens when you get hit by a compulsion, now he is not driven by his own consciousness anymore, but by the compulsion.

''Compulsion?! Mike's jaw dropped as he asked, 'What is the principle of that thing, huh? !

The compulsions are a low-level thing, which is to raise a bunch of poisonous insects and let them kill each other, and the one that survives at the end is the compulsion, but that kind of compulsion is more low-end, similar to raising a poisonous snake or a wolf dog and letting it out to bite people, without much technical content.

Mai Chengxing said here, the conversation turned, and said: "But the really powerful masters, using the normal people have never heard of, never seen the compulsions, those compulsions even the top biologists may not recognize!

"Many of them have long been extinct in nature and are only passed down in secrecy in the school of compulsion breeding."

That kind of parasite, which can fly to the sky and disappear to the ground, can also be controlled by the mind of the parasite breeder!

"I think this security guard was put under the compulsion by the master, he came to greet us to go in, must also be following that master's wishes.


Mike asked with a pale face, "A person who keeps a parasite can use his mind to control the parasite and then use the parasite to control someone else's corpse? That's outrageous, isn't it? !"

Outrageous?" Mak Chengxing said, "Isn't there also telepathy between twins and mothers and children in the West? Ideas like that are said to be feudal superstition in folklore, but in science, it's the famous quantum entanglement, which still has some scientific basis."

Mike nodded gently and said:If you say so, it is like a quantum entanglement-like effect between the person who keeps the parasite and the parasite he keeps?"

As far as I know, this kind of parasite is usually hatched in the blood of the breeder when it is still an egg, so it has a bloodline connection with the breeder right from the start."

"And this worm, for the first year when it first hatches out, feeds only on the blood of the breeder, which is also to keep strengthening its bond with the breeder, just like a baby is born on breast milk.

"And then what?!" Mike's curiosity had gradually overcome his fear and could not wait to find out more.

Mac Chengxing continued: "During this time of feeding the parasites, the parasite breeder has started to train the parasites, as for how to train .....

The practice, which is an untold secret within each faction and I have no way of knowing, only that they wait for the compulsion to reach adulthood and then take it around to do evil, and the way to do evil is to have the compulsion kill for them, and once the compulsion starts killing, it hardly ever stops until the compulsion dies of natural old age.

Mike's eyes widened and he asked out of the blue, "Non-stop killing? What if there are no enemies?

Does it kill indiscriminately as well?


"Why? !"

Mai Chengxing said, "Because when the parasite becomes an adult, it no longer feeds on the blood of the feeder, and if you want the parasite to live, you have to keep killing.

Ah?" Mike asked, "Is it possible that the parasites eat human flesh when they reach adulthood?

Mac Chengxing shook his head and spat out three words: "Eating human brains!

When Mike heard the three words, he felt a dry heaving and said, "Eating human brains? ! That's disgusting."

Mike Chengxing nodded and said, "Look at that security guard just now, what do you think it would take for the parasite to manipulate his corpse?

Mike shook his head and said, "I don't know, I don't think it's very unbelievable, or you could say that it's not scientific at all, or like the I Ching, the eight trigrams, everything seems to be mysterious, but after mastering the essence of it, you will find that everything is actually traceable.