Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2883

 Twenty minutes later.

The cab stopped in front of the Phoenix Hill Cemetery, the largest in the suburbs of Jinling.

The cemetery here, occupying several nearby hills, a huge area, usually during the day there are often many people come to pay their respects, but at night, here will not even see a dog.

The cab dropped the grandchildren off at the cemetery gate, and then kicked the gas pedal and scurried away.

Mike through the hazy moonlight, surveyed in front of the Chinese white jade large gate building, can not help but some nervous said: "Grandpa, this place how even a staff is not?

I'm not sure, the door is closed and I don't know if it's locked, so help me go over and take a look.

The two came to the door, Mike pushed the door, the iron door does not move, Mike busy: "Grandpa, the door is locked.

The two men arrived at the door, Mike pushed the door, the iron door did not move, Mike said: "Grandpa, the door is locked.

At this time, suddenly out of the darkness, a man wearing a protective ......

Ann uniformed middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man walked quickly, but the posture of walking is a bit strange, it seems that the limbs as well as the torso are a bit stiff.

Mike suddenly saw a man coming out of the shadows, startled, hastily pulling McDonald wanted to step back, but McDonald slapped the back of his hand, whispered: "Do not move!

After saying that, eyes a - straight stare at the security guard.

The security guard came straight towards the grandchildren, and when he arrived at the front, Mac Chengxing found that the man's face was black and bleeding from seven orifices, and the whole person was suddenly aghast.

And Mike beside him is the first time to encounter such a situation, scared ah ah, the whole person is involuntarily trembling.

He has never seen such a situation, how to look at the security guard seems to be a dead body, but also a tragic death of the body.

The heart of Mac Chengxing is also horrified, but the good thing is that it is also an old man, so the determination is naturally much stronger than Mac. ......

So he kept his eyes on the guard, not daring to let up, but he didn't back off and dodge either.

At that moment, the security guard mechanically took out his key and opened the iron fence door from inside. After the door was pushed open, he did not come out, but looked at the two grandchildren with his eyes indifferent and waved at them.

Whirling, without saying anything, he turned and walked towards the cemetery.

Mike's legs went weak with fright and asked Mak Chengxing, who was beside him, "Grandpa Tai, what does he mean by waving at us?

He said in a deep voice: "Let's go in with him.

The word "go in and take a look" almost scared Mike's soul out!

He said in a panic, "Grandpa, I don't know if he's a ghost or a man, and we don't know what's in there, so I don't think we should go in.

Mai Chengxing looked at the security guard's stiff back and said indifferently: "This person has long been dead, but he is just a puppet!