Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2882

 Ye Chen did not hide, said directly: "I heard that you know an American feng shui master, I have something to ask for advice, I wonder if you can give me his phone number?

Ye Zhongquan was surprised and said, "Oh? Where did you hear about this?"

Ye Chen smiled: "Rumors outside.

The old Chinese man from the United States, Mr. Lai, is old, but he told me when he left Yanjing that he was going to call it quits, so if you want to ask him to come out, I'm afraid you can't.

Ye Chen said indifferently: "I just want to ask a few questions over the phone.

Ye Zhongquan gave a hint and said: "I'll send you Mr. Lai's mobile phone number in a moment, call him, if he doesn't take care of you, just say you're my grandson, he'll more or less give a few favors.

"Okay.'" Ye Chen didn't say much, so he said, "Then please send me a text message

Soon after, he received a text message with a string of American phone numbers.

Ye Chen dialed this number directly and waited for a few seconds before prompting that the line was connected.

On the other end of the line came Lai Qing Hua's voice: "Hello, who is it?

Ye Chen spoke, "Mr. Lai, it's me, Ye Chen."

Lai Qinghua immediately heard Ye Chen's voice and said with surprise, "It's Young Master Ye! Why are you calling me all of a sudden?"

Ye Chen then said:" This is the case, I want to ask you about someone, I don't know if it's convenient.

Lai Qing Hua said, "Please tell me.

Ye Chen asked, " Do you know an old man called Mai Chengxing? He is also a Chinese American.


"Mai Chengxing?!" Lai Qing Hua asked in surprise, "Young Master Ye has seen him?

''Yes." Ye Chen said blandly, "I did meet him, but I didn't meet him properly, I felt that he came to Jinling as if he was looking for me, so I wanted to inquire about this person with you.

Lai Qing Hua sighed: "Mai Cheng Xing knew that I had a great chance after meeting you in China, he was also very eager to go to China, so he also wanted to go to China, it just happened that someone asked him to go there to do something, he calculated that there might be another opportunity in it, so he rushed over."

Ye Chen also asked, "What about this Mak Chengxing, what is he like?"

Lai Qing Hua said seriously: "A very upright Feng Shui people, is the direct lineage of the Mai family, I have known him for many years, this person is decent, upright, has not done anything evil.

Said, Lai Qing Hua added: "Ye young master, if the old Mai and your side have any misunderstanding, but also please be merciful, this person is by no means a bad person, there may just be used for bad people.

Ye Chen then said, " Don't worry, I will remember your words, thank you old Mr. Lai."

Lai Qing Hua was busy saying, " Young Master Ye, there is no need to be polite, if you have any problems, you can always contact me."

At this moment.

Mai Chengxing and Mike took a taxi together and headed to a cemetery outside of Jinling.

The taxi driver was originally reluctant to take a taxi to the cemetery in the middle of the night, but Mai Chengxing gave him a high price of one thousand yuan, so the driver could only grit his teeth and rush there.

On the way, Mike couldn't help but ask Mai Chengxing: ''Grandpa, why did that Master Xuan ask us to meet him at the Phoenix Hill Cemetery at night? I'm afraid this man isn't sick, is he?"


The cemetery is not a normal person, we can't afford to offend, he chose to meet in the cemetery, there must be his reason you see him later, in addition to the necessary courtesy, do not say anything, lest words have more than mistakes, understand?

Mike asked: "Grandpa, why do we have to be so respectful to him? We have our mission, just focus on completing our mission, why meet with him?

Mai Chengxing said seriously: "I have long told Su Chengfeng that there must be a secret big shot in Jinling, but he still wants to take on that big shot, and Xuan Fengnian is here this time to help him solve this matter.

After saying that, Mike Chengxing added: "I have heard about this person Xuan Fengnian, this person acts very evil, and mastered many metaphysical methods, not something we can afford to mess with."

Mike asked nervously, "Grandpa, what does he want to do when he asks us to meet him?"

Mike Chengxing whispered:" I reckon he should want to ask for some clues from us.

Mike nodded gently, and some of the bottom said: "But we have not found any valuable clues in the past few days, in case this Xuan Fengnian and Su family blame down, how do we cope?

Mai Chengxing sighed, said: "This time to Jinling, indeed I was rash, knowing that this place is unfathomable, but still all the way here, mainly because I always think of opportunity and danger, but ignore the opportunity itself is very difficult to grasp!

said, he said: "Now this Xuan Fengnian came to Jinling, I'm afraid things will be more variable, if the situation is not clear, we will go back to the United States, the Su family gave the money, all returned to him is