Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2880

 He Yuanjiang suddenly became embarrassed and said in a stammering voice: " You child, what are you talking about?"

He Zhiqiu brushed aside his mouth: "Do you really think I'm a child of three? I can't tell if it's just a little thing, can't I?

I've never seen an auntie as elegant and well-mannered as she is, and more importantly, she's very affectionate.

Really? ! When He Yuanjiang heard this, he was instantly surprised and asked out of the blue, "You really think your Auntie Han is nice?"

Of course it's true." He Zhiqiu said seriously, "I am not an old feudalist, you are also old, you must have a partner in the future, if you can really chase after Auntie Han, I agree with you a hundred times, don't worry, go ahead and chase after her.

In fact, He Zhiqiu was originally somewhat resistant to the idea of her father renewing his marriage.

She was always angry with her father for her mother's death and believed that he was responsible for her death.

However, because of this experience in Syria, she has become more tolerant and understanding towards her father.

Even when he was earning tens of millions of dollars a year, he had never had an affair, never cheated on his wife, and was still very family-oriented overall.


Sometimes it is difficult to balance career and family, and most fathers have to work outside most of the time, which is really not easy either.

Moreover, now that my father is single and old, he lacks the warmth and care of his other half in his life.

It is said that old people are companions in old age, but without a companion in old age, there is indeed a great lack of life.

As a daughter, she naturally did not want her father to be alone all the time. Even if she, as a daughter, returned to his side, the absence of a companion would still leave his life incomplete.

When He Yuanjiang heard his daughter's words, he was touched and relieved deep down.

But with so many people around, he could only say vaguely, "I'm content that you have this heart, and as for me and your Auntie Han, let nature take its course."

He Zhiqiu blurted out, "How can that be! Let it be? Such a wonderful aunt, and you're still going with the flow? Auntie Han has many suitors behind her, so you must give it your all to succeed!

He Yuanjiang said awkwardly, "We'll talk about this at home, we'll talk about this at home!

Ye Chen listened to this from the side and felt more or less emotional in his heart.

According to this, the old husband Xiao Changkun where there is any chance of winning?

"All sides are crushed by Uncle He to the point that not even a hair remains, the only advantage, may be ......

It is this point of first love with Auntie Han now.

"However, this old man is as timid as a mouse, not daring to pursue Auntie Han openly, not to mention mentioning the divorce directly to Ma Lan, later even meeting with Auntie Han, he was afraid of the wolf in front and the tiger in the back, I have to say, he is indeed timid and cowardly and afraid of things, not enough to take charge yet, Auntie Han must have been disappointed with him during the time she returned to China, right?

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn't help but look at He Yuanjiang beside him again.

"I have to say, Uncle He is indeed a rare good man, high education, high connotation, high income not to mention, the key is that the person is also much more spiritual than that old husband of his, and the other Uncle He is also widowed, at any time can be openly and honestly with Auntie Han, and can even directly register the marriage, these are far from the old husband. For Ye Chen, let him stand in an absolutely objective position, he also more optimistic about Han Meiqing and He Yuanjiang, two high level intellectuals who are free from the low class, together can be said to be a perfect match, very compatible.

As for Xiao Changkun

To be honest, Ye Chen felt that Xiao Changkun was not good enough for Han Meiqing at all.

Perhaps, when they first fell in love, they had stood at the same starting point.

However, in the past 20 to 30 years, Han Meiqing had been moving upwards, while Xiao Changkun had been moving downwards.

Now, the two of them are already a hundred thousand miles apart.

Under such circumstances, even if they did get together, it would probably not last long!