Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2879

 When Han Meiqing heard He Zhiqiu's words, she nodded approvingly and smiled, "It's indeed rare to meet people who have similar life experiences, so of course there will be more common language."

These words came from the bottom of Han Meiqing's heart.

In her life, she had been through a lot of ups and downs, but she had been through a lot of storms.

She left the country, emigrated, got married, had children, lost her spouse, and then chose to return to her roots with her children and return to China.

This short sentence represents more than fifty years of her life experience.

Interestingly, He Yuanjiang's experience is almost identical to hers.

He Yuanjiang also decided to return to China after the death of his wife.

Originally, Han Meiqing had thought that he was different from herself in that he had come back on his own and his children had remained abroad.

To be honest, it was so coincidental that Han Meiqing thought it was a photo ......

The mirror, but some parts are reversed, for example, He Yuanjiang is a male and has a daughter, while she is a female and has a son.

Therefore, she looked at He Zhiqiu with a little more affection, so she said with a smile: "Zhiqiu, my son has just followed me to China, so I believe you and he will have a lot in common when you have the chance to introduce you to each other.

He Zhiqiu smiled faintly, nodded and said politely, "Good, Auntie Han.

Seeing this, He Yuanjiang at the side hurriedly said: ''Aiya! How about this? I'll cook a few dishes at home tomorrow night, so you can bring Paul over and get to know the two kids.

Han Meiqing thought about it and said, "I'm not sure about that yet, I'll ask Paul when we get home.

He Yuanjiang was busy saying: "Good! If Paul has time, you can tell me directly, and I will start preparing.

Han Meiqing nodded, looked at the time, then said: "OK, I won't talk to you first ......

Let's talk, a few old fellows are still waiting over there.

After saying that, she waved her hand at Ye Chen and said: ''Ye Chen, come and sit at home sometime, Paul has been talking about you, saying that the person he admires most is you.

Ye Chen smiled and said politely: ''Yes Auntie Han, I will definitely go sometime.

Han Meiqing smiled faintly and said to He Zhiqiu: " Zhiqiu, auntie will go first, I will bring my son to visit your home later."

He Zhiqiu smiled sweetly and said, "Okay, Auntie Han, you take care.

When Han Meiqing left, Ye Chen did not delay any longer and said to He Yuanjiang and He Zhiqiu, "Let's get in the car too.

"Okay." He Yuanjiang replied, and then got into the business car.

After everyone had gotten into the car, Ye Chen asked the driver to go to the villa area where He Yuanjiang lived first.

On the way, He Zhiqiu couldn't help but ask He Yuanjiang with a gossipy face, "Dad, do you have a thing for that Auntie Han?