Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2876

 With a surprised face, he handed the phone to Ye Chen and whispered: ''Young master, look at this

Ye Chen nodded: ''I've just read it."

Chen Zekai was puzzled and asked: "You said, why didn't Miss Su take this opportunity to give Su Chengfeng that hard time? The best opportunity to give Su Chengfeng a full blow was to have several tens of millions of people watching on multiple platforms, and after today's village there would be no such shop.

Ye Chen smiled slightly: "Don't be too surprised, she must have her own considerations."

At this moment, Su Zhiyu had already finished her live broadcast, sitting motionless in her study alone, thinking over and over again about her next plan in her head.

Du Haiqing knocked on the door and said, "Zhiyu, come out to eat.

Su Zhiyu came back to her senses and said, "Yes mum, I'll be right there."

With that, she took a large stack of legal documents out of her desk drawer and stepped out.

Her family, except for her brother Su Zhifei who had already gotten the information from Su Chengfeng in advance, no one else knew yet that Su Zhiyu was actually with Su Chengfeng da .....

.What a deal was made.

Right now, her family was amazed, amazed at why she had let Su Chengfeng off the hook in the live broadcast just now.

Even her mother, Du Haiqing, did not understand.

Seeing that the family members at the table were all looking at her in a somewhat strange manner, Su Zhiyu put the - stack of legal documents on the table and said seriously, "Mom, brother, grandpa, great uncle and second uncle, there is something that I didn't tell you before."

Everyone was looking at her at this moment, waiting for her to say more.

Pointing at those legal documents, Su Zhiyu spoke, "During the day today, I reached an agreement with grandpa, for this launch, I will not attack him in any way, and I also give up the right to take this to the law, in exchange, he transferred all the shares of the Su family's Ocean Shipping Group to me, the relevant procedures have been completed, and the industrial and commercial changes have also been done.

When everyone present heard this, their jaws dropped.

Except for Su Zhi Fei who knew everything in advance, everyone else was full of disbelief!

No one had expected that Su Zhiyang would be able to take over the entire Ocean Shipping Group from Su Chengfeng for such a small price!

If this was Su Chengfeng's compensation to her, then this compensation was indeed a bit too big...


Du Haiqing was the first to come back to her senses as she thought of the request Ye Chen had made to his daughter.

For her to become the Su family head within three years.

Could it be that this was her daughter's first step towards achieving her goal?

Then one had to say that this first step of hers was indeed a bit amazing!

After hearing this, Grandfather Du Zhenhua could not help but ask after her, "Zhiyu, what are you doing?"

Su Zhiyu knew that her true purpose could not be known to anyone other than her mother, especially her brother Su Zhifei.

So, she said seriously, "I just want to get a little protection for myself.

After that, she looked at Su Zhi Fei and added: "Thanks to my brother for reminding me, I don't have any personal property, if I completely turn over with the Su family again, then I will really have nothing, I can't wait until I get married without a dowry that I can get, right? This ocean shipping group will be considered as a compensation from the Su family and a dowry for me in the future.

When Su Zhi Fei heard this, his heart was as uncomfortable as it could be.

"I did say something similar to you, but it was to persuade you not to go against the Su family and not to go against grandpa"

But I didn't ask you to take a knife and run to Grandpa to cut a big chunk of flesh!"