Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2874

   When Su Chengfeng said this, he couldn't help but pause for a moment and sigh, "To be honest. ,I'm also quite looking forward to it now!"

After saying that, Su Chengfeng added, "Zhi Fei, during this period of time, you must keep a close eye on Zhiyu's every move, where she goes, who she meets and what she does, you must investigate clearly, got it?"

Su Zhi Fei busily said, "I know grandpa, don't worry!"

"Good." Su Chengfeng sighed and said, "What I'm most worried about now. It's not whether she can get this business right, what I'm worried about is whether she will sell all the fixed assets of the Ocean Shipping Group as soon as she turns her hand to it...... so many ships, so many port resources, packaged canal access rights. If you really take them out and sell them, they can be sold for hundreds of billions of dollars, so you must keep an eye on any of her movements for me!"

Su Zhi Fei's expression instantly flinched and he said, "Grandpa, I will keep an eye on her!"

After hanging up the phone, Su Zhi Fei was extremely annoyed.

"I've worked so hard for so long. Even after the accident with both my mother and sister, I still have to bash around to please the old man ......"

"But what did this old thing give me?"


"Nothing of substance!"

"He has done nothing more than paint me a big pie. 

How nice and free. I don't know if I'll get a chance to eat it yet!"

"But it's not fair that Zhiyu grabbed the old man's handle and took the opportunity to make a scene and got such a big piece of property!"


Meanwhile, Ye Chen and the others had arrived at the Tian Xiang Mansion.

Since they were having a drink and a laugh. Ye Chen had naturally chosen the location here.

It just so happened that in the future, he would also have to divide part of the He family to Hong Wu and eat here, so Ye Chen simply called both Hong Wu and Chen Zekai over.

And. He also planned to let He Yuanjiang as well as He Zhiqiu get to know them both by the way.

As long as these two were there, there was basically nothing that could not be settled in Jinling.

When they received Ye Chen's call, Chen Zekai and Hong Wu dropped what they were doing and went straight to the Tian Xiang House.

At the dinner table, Ye Chen introduced them to He Yuanjiang and He Zhiqiu. Although He Zhiqiu had met Chen Zekai before, she had not had many encounters with him, so this time she simply took advantage of the dinner to get acquainted with both Chen Zekai and Hong Wu.

He Zhiqiu was not surprised by Ye Chen's connections, she had already realised that Ye Chen had already secretly built a huge network of contacts in the whole of Jinling, so to speak. It could be said that there was not a single dignified figure in the whole of Jinling who could not look up to him.

There were even quite a few who were almost like his disciples.

She was somewhat surprised by Ye Chen's patience and meticulousness. Because those top rich kids she knew,......

Few people are able to get down to earth and run a solid base first.

Usually those top rich kids feel that they are at the top when they start out. That's why they like to do things in high gear, and laying out many projects in a row in one breath is the most normal operation for them.

However, Ye Chen was different from those people.

As the young master of the Ye family, Ye Chen did not just go high in Yanjing, but steadily worked in a second-tier city like Jinling, appearing to be unperturbed on the surface, but in fact, he had already penetrated his power into every class and every inch of Jinling.

This kind of steady and stable approach is the basis of being able to achieve great things. With Ye Chen's approach, starting from the cities on the Yangtze River and then pushing the business to the coast through ocean shipping, no matter how the economic situation changes in the future, both at home and abroad, it will be possible to advance and retreat.

This, too, made her feel confident about joining Ye Chen's business map.

Because of their happiness, everyone present, except He Zhiqiu, drank a few more glasses.

Ye Chen also drank a lot today. The Moutai prepared by Hong Wu was of a high degree, and Ye Chen deliberately did not use his aura to dissolve the alcohol, but allowed it to reach a slightly drunken state within his body.

This slightly drunken feeling made his already happy mood even more pleasant.

He was happy because he felt that, with He Yuanjiang and He Zhiqiu, his father and daughter, his future layout in the ocean shipping sector was absolutely secure!