Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2870

 He Hongsheng was busy saying, "Master Ye is too polite, such a big villa, even if it's a rough house, we are quite satisfied!"

Ye Chen laughed, "That's more than that, come on in and have a look!"

The villa that Ye Chen had Chen Zekai buy was second-hand, but after all, it had been lived in by rich people before, so both the decoration and the furniture and appliances were very elaborate, and it was naturally much more luxurious than the He family's old mansion in Desert City.

After thanking Ye Chen profusely, He Hongsheng prepared to give his family a share of the room.

At this time, Ye Chen said to He Yingxiu, "Right Ms. He, I see that all the people here this time are men except you, so I think it's not too convenient for you to stay here, it just so happens that Old Chen is in charge of the entire Buckingham Palace Hotel, why don't we let Old Chen arrange a room for you at the hotel?"

As soon as He Yingxiu heard this, she immediately understood that Ye Chen was trying to arrange for herself to stay with her daughter Su Ruoli.

She was naturally willing to do so, and had even been a bit impatient for a long time.

So she hurriedly agreed and thanked him, "Thank you, Master Ye!"

Ye Chen smiled faintly, "There is no need to be polite."

He Hongsheng didn't think much of it either and said with emotion, "Master Ye, you are so kind! It's not really appropriate for Ying Xiu to stay with us, and as she has a disability, her daily life is also inconvenient, so staying in a hotel will be relatively easier."

Ye Chen nodded and said to He Yingxiu again, "Ms. He, it just so happens that I have to go back to Buckingham Palace later, so you can come with me later."

He Yingxiu was naturally excited at the thought of seeing her daughter later, and nodded repeatedly, "Yes Master Ye!"

Ye Chen saw that it was getting late, so he took out his mobile phone and called He Yuanjiang, He Zhiqiu's father.

He Yuanjiang's house was only two to three hundred metres away, so Ye Chen wanted him to bring He Zhiqiu over, so that they could get to know He Hongsheng and He Yingxiu, so that if there were any emergencies in the future, they could contact the He family for help.

He Yuanjiang had taken the last two days off to stay at home with He Zhiqiu to recuperate.

During these days of being held hostage, He Zhiqiu's body had really suffered a lot. The basement was dark and damp, and it was basically difficult to fill up on a full stomach, so her mind as well as her body had suffered a lot of torture and stress.

Although her spirit was relatively exuberant when she was first brought back by Ye Chen, immediately after returning home, she had a strong feeling of exhaustion.

In the past two days, she felt like her whole body was like a completely dead battery, and her body and spirit were extraordinarily weak.

He Yuanjiang had been at home with her, and fortunately, today He Zhiqiu then began to show some improvement, eating more meals and improving her mental state to a certain extent.

When he received Ye Chen's call, He Yuanjiang urgently ......

He said politely, "Ye Chen, why do you have time to call uncle?"

Ye Chen smiled and said, "Uncle He, I happen to be in your neighbourhood, some of my friends have moved here, I came over to help settle in, I thought you and Zhiqiu also live here, so I wanted to ask you to come over and get to know each other, I wonder if you are home?"

He Yuanjiang said, "I am at home, and Zhiqiu is also here, but she has just recovered in the past two days, so why don't you leave her alone and I will come over to you?"

"Okay." Naturally, Ye Chen had no problem with this, and busily said, "I'm at villa 32, come over if it's convenient for you, my friends here are all very strong martial arts masters, if you have any trouble over here in the future, you can always ask them for help."

As soon as He Yuanjiang heard this, he knew that this must have been carefully arranged by Ye Chen, and while he was touched in his heart, he was also quite looking forward to it, so he said, "Then wait for a while, uncle will go over there now."

When he hung up the phone, He Zhiqiu walked over and asked curiously, "Dad, is that Ye Chen calling?"

"Yes." He Yuanjiang nodded and said, "Ye Chen happens to be in our neighborhood, and he has a friend moving over, so he asked me to go over and meet him."

After saying that, he then said to He Zhiqiu, "You're not feeling well, so just wait for me at home."

He Zhiqiu, who was still a bit lethargic, suddenly spoke excitedly, "I'm going too!