Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2867

 As the sun set and the evening sun filled the sky, a Gulfstream airliner, clad in golden sunlight, landed at Jinling Airport.

        On board the plane were the eleven people sent over by the He family this time, including He Hongsheng and He Yingxiu.

        As soon as these people stepped off the plane, they were immediately received by a convoy arranged by Chen Zekai to the riverside villa that Chen Zekai had bought in advance.

        This villa happened to be in the same villa area as He Zhiqiu's father, He Yuanjiang's riverside villa, except that this one was much larger than He Yuanjiang's.

        The reason why he had arranged for He's family to stay here was actually a bit selfish on Ye Chen's part.

        He hoped that He's family could keep an eye on He Yuanjiang and He Zhiqiu's father and daughter, because if He's family lived here, in case someone made a move on them, I'm afraid there would be no return.

        At this moment, Ye Chen, Chen Zekai and Hong Wu were already waiting in the villa.

        When the caravan arrived, it was not yet dark. Chen Zekai's men led He Hongsheng, He Yingxiu and the rest of the He family into the courtyard, and Ye Chen also greeted them with Chen Zekai and Hong Wu.

        When He Yingxiu saw Ye Chen, he said respectfully, "Greetings, Young Master Ye!"

        Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "There is no need to be so polite, Ms. He, just call me Ye Chen directly from now on."

        "How can that be ......" He Hongsheng, who was at the side, opened his mouth and said, "Young Master Ye is the benefactor of the He family and the future master of the He family, the distinction between respect and inferiority must still be there!"

        After saying that, he clasped his hands and bowed deeply, saying, "Young Master Ye, my name is He Hongsheng, the head of the He family, I have been greatly indebted to Young Master Ye and have no way to repay him, so I, together with the sons of the He family, would like to serve Young Master Ye with all my heart and soul!"

        Ye Chen hurriedly stepped forward and helped him up with his arms, saying seriously, "Master He does not need to be so formal, I am too young to accept such a big gift."

        "What's more, nowadays, my identity is still a secret in Jinling, the vast majority of people only know that I am a feng shui master who reads feng shui, not knowing that I was originally the son of the Ye family in Yanjing."

        "If you guys call Young Master Ye long and Young Master Ye short all day long, it will instead easily give away my identity."

        "It might be better to just call me by my name, my full name is Ye Chen, the leaf of Ye Zi, the star of stars."

        He Hongsheng was surprised and hesitated all of a sudden, saying, "This ...... This ...... He has received a mountain of favors from you, so how can I call my benefactor by his name? If the ancestors knew about this, I'm afraid my legs would be broken!"

        At the side, Hong Wu smiled heatedly and said, "Old Mr. He, why don't you just do what we do and call Young Master Ye Master Ye in front of outsiders! Anyway, this name of his is very famous in Jinling!"

        "Master Ye?" He Hongsheng repeated subconsciously.

        "Right!" Hong Wu laughed, "Master Ye, the True Dragon of the Earth, is basically known to all the really dignified people in our Jinling."

        As soon as He Hongsheng heard this, he immediately nodded solemnly and arched his hand at Hong Wu, saying, "Thank you for this brother's advice, then from now on, He will address his benefactor as Grandmaster Ye!"

        Ye Chen's head swelled as he listened.

        These people were calling themselves Grandmaster Ye all day long, and they had already gotten a bit of a headache from listening to them.

        However, he thought that the title Master Ye did not matter, as he had heard it so many times that he had become numb to it anyway.

        So, he smiled helplessly and said to He Hongsheng, "Since the old master insists, I won't say any more."

        He Hongsheng immediately clasped his fist and said, "He Hongsheng, meet Grandmaster Ye!"