Amazing Son-in-law Chapter 2864

 Su Ruoli was thrilled and said respectfully, "Thank you, Sir Ye!"

        Ye Chen waved his hand, "Such a small matter, no need to thank me."

        Saying that, he looked at the time and said, "Alright, I will stop talking to you for now, I will go and explain to Old Chen, Hong Wu and the others so that they can also be prepared."

        Then, Ye Chen stood up and said, "I'm leaving."

        "Ye Gongzi ...... " Su Ruoli called out to him busily and asked blushingly, "Can you wait a bit, I'll register a new WeChat first and then add you as a friend!"

        Ye Chen nodded and promised, "Good."

        Su Ruoli hurriedly opened her phone, downloaded a WeChat from the app shop, and then quickly registered an account.

        She gave her new WeChat a name and then said to Ye Chen with a red face, "Sir Ye, let me sweep you ......"

        Ye Chen casually opened his QR code and handed it to Su Ruoli.

        Su Ruoli was busy sweeping it with her phone, and immediately afterwards, Ye Chen received a request to add a friend.

        He clicked on the request and found that the nickname of the account requesting to add himself as a friend was: "Not going anywhere".

        At first, he couldn't figure out why Su Ruoli had come up with such a name.

        But when he thought of how she had just said that she wanted to stay by his side and asked him not to kick her out, Ye Chen understood her intention of naming her "Nowhere to Go".

        "I think she wanted to say that she would stay by my side and not go anywhere, right?"

        Ye Chen was touched in his heart, but did not ask more questions about this issue, he directly passed the friend add request, and then said to Su Ruoli, "Then I'll leave first."

        Su Ruoli nodded and busily said, "I'll walk you to the door!"

        Su Ruoli sent Ye Chen to the door, and then Ye Chen said goodbye and left.

        After talking with Su Ruoli this time, he suddenly felt Su Ruoli's firmness and softness, it was really a bit surprising to him that these two very different feelings could appear so naturally and harmoniously in the same person.

        Moreover, at the bottom of his heart, he had a little more recognition for Su Ruoli.

        There was no shortage of die-hard followers around himself, but Su Ruoli was the strongest one among these people.

        Although she was still a long way behind himself, Ye Chen still felt a closeness to her that the others did not.

        In a sense, Ye Chen felt that Su Ruoli and himself were, in fact, the same kind of person.

        Both of them were aliens among ordinary people, both running in a very different direction from the others.

        The only difference was that Ye Chen was running much further than Su Ruoli.

        After driving from Su Ruoli's room, Ye Chen went straight to Richard Chen's office.

        Seeing him enter, Chen Zekai hurriedly asked, "Young master, have you finished chatting with Miss Su?"

        "Finished chatting." Ye Chen nodded and spoke, "Old Chen, call Hong Wu and tell him to come over as soon as possible, I have something to explain to you two!"